Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Wrapup

Me and Mindy
(These are the only pictures I have from the entire weekend. Can you believe my camera battery is failing me?)

Weekends just don't last long enough. This weekend was my birthday weekend. Do I look older? Mama had a big dinner for me on Thursday complete with a cake from Magpies!!! Yummy! On Friday night we had dinner at Twin Cove. Well if you can call chips and salsa dinner. Tim had to work Saturday morning so we didn't stay long.

The plan was to head home early so he would be able to get up early. Well hey the best laid plans right???? Instead he took a quick, very quick ride down the interstate and I sat in his truck at the snowball shack. Tim's friend Justin has a new truck. A guy from Anderson county came up looking to race and found one with Justin. Tim went along for the ride. I stayed behind to ummm guard the truck. Actually I just wanted to hear about Jordy's new girlfriend.

Tim worked Saturday morning and I slept. Tim rode his bike after work and I slept. Tim worked around the house and I slept. I definitely caught up on some rest Saturday. That night we went to the tractor pulls after a quick dinner at Hooters. I love fried pickles!!! My camera battery was dead so no pictures!

Yesterday was homecoming at Bullock Cemetery. If you aren't familiar with homecomings across the mountain let me fill you in. Bullock has theirs outside next to the graveyard. No not in the graveyard. After service people decorate graves and eat. Next week will be Red Oak's homecoming. Same concept only they still have a church house. Its super old and has zero air conditioning. Oh and zero indoor plumbing. Can you say outhouse? Ours (Beech Fork) is the next Sunday. Yes we have indoor plumbing and air conditioning! If you live in the area I encourage you to come join us. Gary Ward and his singers will be there. Service starts at 10 am.


Alexis said...

Happy Birthday to you!

Whitney said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I love tutus... do you have a website?