Thursday, July 30, 2009


My friend Samantha has joined the blog world!!!! Please help me in welcoming her.........head over to her blog and leave her a comment. She is starting to get very discouraged that no one is reading her blog. I remember that feeling. Even though I started my blog so that I could look back later on, I would read other blogs and their comments, and think how great of a support system blogging friends can be. Now I know first hand how much sweet comments can really help strengthen me.
Let's welcome Samantha and little Addie Grace with warm wishes...........

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hannah & Lily

I love how interested you folks are with the girls. Too bad I don't have any new pictures to post. I will work on that in the next few days. You had lots of questions about them so here ya go:

1. The "real" mama

Hannah and Lily's real mama is like my big sister. Cassie and I have been close to her since day 1. She isn't a deadbeat mama who just leaves her kids with anyone. We ask for them, because we love them!!!!

2. So they live with you?

Well Hannah is about to be 9 so she is all about her friends. I don't think she has spent the night in months. Lily on the other hand would live with us constantly if her mama would let her, but you be the my house she gets chocolate milk in bed, sleeps until whenever, gets to do whatever and pretty much runs the house. Wouldn't you want to live with us too????? My parents are like grandparents to the girls. When H & L are at my house they can do NO wrong. Seriously once Lily put stickers on our washing machine. I quickly pointed it out to mama and she said NOTHING!!! A smile was the only response she gave me. If I had done that (at any age) my mother would have surely punished me!!! The girls keep my parents young! Daddy gets in the floor and plays with them just like he did with me and Cassie years ago.

Lily pretty much house hops. Ha Ha! I am more than sure that she just wakes up in the mornings and says to herself........Wonder where I want to stay tonight?????? I love it!!!

3. How long have you had them?

Hannah was 6 months old the first time I kept her. Then a few months later her parents went out of town for a night and I kept her at my house. I remember walking in the door with parents were so in love. I guess you could say that she just never left. Lily was born two years later and it was the same with her. She just melted our hearts.

4. So aren't your parents starting over?

Kinda I guess they are. I think because the girls are about the same difference in age as Cassie and I, and they fight and fuss like we did, that they are raising us all over again. Now if you were to ask my parents they would say that they love every minute of it and would more than raise the girls if they needed too. If it weren't for that pesky "real" mama of theirs. Ha Ha Just kidding Mandy!!!!! The best way to describe it.......Grandparents, and who doesn't want an extra set of grandparents????????? Especially the ones that let you eat and drink in bed, and that wait on you hand and foot.

5. Jealous?

Never!!!! I love them like they are my real sisters! Seeing my parents with the girls is awesome. They keep them young, and anything that keeps my parents young I am all for. It's so fun to see them doing the same things with the girls that they use to do with us. It's actually a great thing when the girls are at my parents don't really notice that I am not around. Ha Ha!!! Usually I get a call around bedtime. They only realize I am missing when the girls lay down. Ahhhh I love it!!!

6. How did you meet them?

Hannah's grandmother was one of my teachers. She asked me to come to her house and keep Hannah one Saturday morning. I did and fell in love. The rest is history.

7. How old are your little sisters?

6 & 8

8. Will they be jealous when your sis and her hubby have a baby?

Oh I don't think so. Both girls are so loving and helpful, I think they will be fine. Lets hope that we don't have to find out anytime soon though!!!!!

9. I am in love with names. What are their middle names?

Hannah Elizabeth

Lily Renee'

10. Do you think they will always be a part of your life?

Oh Lord I really really hope so!!!!!! I don't know what any of us would do without them. At one time they were looking at moving for their daddy's job. Our family was devastated. Thankfully, they didn't move, and I really hope they never do. Pretty sure my parents would follow them!!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Q & A

I probably shouldn't have jumped on the Q & A bandwagon without talking to at least one fellow blogger who had participated. When I opened my e-mail and started reading I was shocked!!!!! The nerve that some people have is amazing to me. If you asked a question and you don't see it answered below there's probably a really good reason. Feel free to take that up with me if you feel the need. Ohhhh and for the last time, if you can't tell me your name, then I won't publish your comment. Here are the top 10 most asked questions. I can't believe how many of you asked the same questions. Ya'll are really on the same page!!!!

1. You have said that living in a small town is fun, but I don't know how you live somewhere without a mall.

Ha Ha. Yes living in a small town is fun. It also has its drawbacks. Rumors run rampant around here. If living in a small town teaches you anything, its don't do ANYTHING that you don't want EVERYONE to know about. When it comes to shopping........just ask B, I do plenty!!! Most everyone here in town goes to Knoxville to shop. Between West Towne, Knoxville Centre and Turkey Creek I am more than indulged with shopping. Oh and I shop online too!!!

2. Since you work at a bank I thought I would ask..........are all banks doomed to crumble?

No!!!! The bank that I work for has very conservative practices. We aren't going through big layoffs and major cutbacks. First Volunteer has always been conservative so we aren't really being affected too much. Now that is not to say that we aren't affected at all, or that we won't face some huge challenges in the near future. I don't think all banks will fall. Our economy will bounce will just take some time. My advice to each and every single one of your homework. If you bank is going through major layoffs or changing fees, may wanna start moving your money!!!!

3. (This one was a popular one) Who are Hannah and Lily and how did your parents adopt them?

Let me start with a clarification. Hannah and Lily aren't really adopted. I just say that because they are pretty much like my adopted sisters. Hannah was 6 months old when I babysat her the first time. Her grandmother was like a second mama to me and her great-grandmother is my adoptive grandmother. Sounds complicated I know, but it really isn't. They are just part of our family, blood or not!!!

4. Democrat or Republican

Democrat..........bleeding heart liberal democrat......enough said

5. Favorite show

Thats a hard one. I really like all the Law and Order series. Reality TV really gets me too! Tori and Dean are pretty great! The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Orange County, Southern Belles of Louisville, Jon & Kate + 8, Little People Big World, Little Couple, and 18 kids and counting.

Army Wives is my favorite non-reality show.

6. You talk about B a lot and you have been spending quite a bit of time with him. Are you two dating?

No we are not dating. I don't think its fair to anyone especially B, to jump into anything right now. B lives in bama so a relationship would be a stretch at this point. Still I am having a blast hanging out with him and don't think a relationship is out of the question. Tim and I have only been broken up for a month though, so no jumping for me just yet.

7. You are such a planner, why?

Ha Ha! Well I really don't know why. A part of me adores organization. A part of me likes to have things to look forward to. A part of me is so forgetful that writing things down really is the only way to stay on track. Believe it or not, I was much worse just a couple of years ago. My planning has toned down a bit, but I am still a bit anal sometimes.

8. Do you ever think you will get married.

Yes. Yes I do. I have faith in the Lord and that he has made my Mr. Right. Being married is something that I really want, but I want it with the right guy. Getting married just to get married isn't the most responsible thing to do.

9. Describe your perfect date.

Oh girls I feel like I am running for Miss America. Ummmm I really like dinner and movie nights. A night in with a good movie and pizza is good too. I am good going out or staying in. As long as the guy makes me laugh I am good with anything.

10. Why did you start blogging?

I really loved scrapbooking, but by the time I got all the supplies out and the pictures I was too worn out to scrapbook. When I discovered blogging it was like a light bulb went off. I remember reading on someone's blog that her husband surprised her with her blog made into a book. It had all her posts complete with pictures from that year. How neat is that? How sweet was that hubby?

Giveaway Winners

It was brought to my attention this morning that I have forgotten to announce some blog giveaway winners. Sorry folks I totally forgot. You can blame B. All these weekend trips have had me distracted. Ha Ha!!! Anyway here are the winners. If I have overlooked any please let me know.

Mrs. B's Accessories------------Jen & Rob

Adelia Marie Rhinestones---------Brandycet

Oh Sew Sweet Boutique--------Kristy Moser

Blulima-----------Mrs. Sweet Tea

BB's Bowtique----------Melissa

Hello Designs----------Jessiecue

To Sweet Pea from me----------Amy T

Circle Line Studio-------Alexis

Wood Pond Designs-------Audrey

Remember to contact these sellers TODAY. It is NOT their responsibility to contact you. Their contact info is in each individual post. If you can't find it remember to check on ETSY first and then contact me. Please be sure to thank and re-thank these sellers. They are going out of their way to do these giveaways with me. Thanks again to all who entered!!!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend in pictures

These pictures are in no specific order.

This was right before we rode the Skyscraper. Pretty sure the name says it all. At one point I think I was in a cloud! It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The worst part is when they stop you at the very top. You are pretty much just hanging out with gravity. Not a great feeling!!! B was laughing at me the whole time. His poor hand looked sad when we got back to level ground.

Kristy and Josh right before they rode the slingshot. What is the slingshot? Its a seat for two strapped to two bungee cords. The guy pushes a button and you get slung through the air. Kristy was too funny. Her eyes were closed the whole time. Josh was having a blast. He is quite the daredevil. Check out the backwards hat! Josh rode both rides within about 5 minutes of each other. Keep in mind that we rode these contraptions after a yummy dinner at O'Charley's. Nope no one threw up!!!

Kel loves my "specialty camera" as she calls it so whenever we are together we do mini sessions. She is too funny with all her poses!

We were about to take off!!!!!


This was on our way to white water rafting. Check out my hair!!!!! AHHHHHHH it was a bad hair and make-up morning!!!

Good one Kel!!!

Now I know that ALL of you wonderful blog followers are thinking wow Tiff looks sooooo cool in her rafting gear. I know you are thinking I wish I could look that cool, right?? Yeah right!!! Just kidding folks!!!!

This is proof that I survived the trip. It was a hard 2 hours of paddling, but it was fun.

Ok here is the story for this lovely picture. First I want to say thanks to Josh AND Paige for setting me up. You guys are super great friends!!! Josh was sitting in front of me in the raft. I noticed some wispering between him and Paige, but didn't really put it together. Before I knew it Josh had his arm around me and we were going backwards into the water. It was too funny. I think Josh thought I would be mad, but I was just the opposite! Isn't my face lovely???

Paige and Josh

B playing for us. Did I mention that George Strait is his hero? Yuck!!!!

Kel being Kel

Not sure what was going on with my hair, but someone should have told me!!!!!!

This is one of times our guide let us swim. The other random guy came from nowhere. He just appeared!!! Kinda creepy! Check out Paige's shoe!!!

Somehow Paige managed to keep her hair dry. Who does that?
Me & B




Group shot

We were all smiles.......before

Paige cracks me up!!! I love her!!!

Josh and Paige
This weekend was a blast. I wish it could have laster longer, but it only makes me look forward to the next one that much more. White water rafting was nothing like I expected. Can ya'll believe that I am actually looking forward to the next trip? Yeah me either!!! More pictures coming soon!!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

What a weekend!!!!!

Who had a great weekend??????? Well other than me I mean. I had an awesome weekend, and soooo sad that its over. Lets start from the beginning:

Friday afternoon as soon as I got off work I headed to Gatlinburg. The cabin company closed about 7 so I had to go on and pick up the keys. About 2:30 our time/1:30 B's time he called to let me know that he hadn't left the great state of Alabama yet. Keep in mind that he was suppose to leave at 2 p.m. and be in Gatlinburg by 6 p.m. so we could all go eat. Right as he was about to leave his boss called. He had to do a last minute errand and was going to try to leave no later than 3:30 his time/4:30 my time. When I called him at 5:30 he was still in bama. I was sad, but at least he still got to come. Friday night was really relaxing. We all just chilled out. I was really excited for B to meet my friends this weekend. They all loved him!!!

Saturday morning we went 11 a.m. Yes I know each and every one of you are shocked that I went white water rafting. You aren't alone. My own father was shocked! The 11 a.m. trip was my idea.....and in hindsight not the best. We all stayed up so late on Friday night. Getting up at 9 a.m. after going to bed at 2 a.m. wasn't the best formula for a good rafting trip. I had a good reason for the earlier we could ride the skyscraper later that night. I was afraid that if we went on the later trip we wouldn't get back in time to change and eat and ride it. We did ride it to follow........................

I think B was worried that I wouldn't have a good time since I am NOT an outdoorsy gal. I was worried too. Just thinking about all the physical labor after staying up so late was enough for me to almost not go. Still I really wanted to experience the thrill. My biggest worry was the water temperature. Cold water and I do not agree, but to my surprise the water wasn't that bad. We actually got out of the raft a couple of times and swam. Our guide was awesome!!!! If you ever raft in Gatlinburg use the rafting company, Rapid Decent and try to get Clayton as your guide. He was so laid back and really cool. A couple of times during the trip he was our photographer. (I will post those pics as soon as Paige gets them) If you haven't experienced the thril of white water rafting you are surely missing out! I had a blast. My arms feel as if they will fall off if I try to pick up the remote, but I don't care. Rafting was so much fun. I can't wait to go again!!! B kept telling me how proud he was of me. He couldn't believe how well I had done. Honestly I couldn't either.

After a quick nap and super quick HOT shower we headed to town for dinner and THE SKYSCRAPER. Cassie and Josh had been to Dollywood so they joined us for dinner. It's not often that I get to see my sis since she is married now. We take every opportunity!

Today was a bittersweet day. B had to return to bama. Even though we both had a million things to get done at home, I don't think either of us really wanted to hurry back. After a yummy breakfast/lunch at Cracker Barrell and a not so quick trip to the Bass Pro Shop (thanks B) we parted ways. This weekend was so much fun, I really hate that its over. On the bright side we always have next weekend...............................................

On a quick side note...................B and I were talking about my blog this weekend, and he mentioned that I may need to change the name to.......A Banker and A Biologist......what do you think?

Lots of my e-mails this week have been about B and what he does for a living. B is a wildlife biologist and a game warden. He has quite a few other trades, but for security reasons he has asked me not to mention them. I love that you are interested in him. Thanks for all the questions this weekend. I will be posting the answers as soon as I have a chance to check my work e-mail!!!!!!!

Q & A

A Q & A session may not have been a good idea. These questions are really just making me mad. Ha Ha! Oh and no question will be answered if the person asking can't identify themself. Sorry folks but that is the rule. I haven't answered the questions yet because I cannot check my work e-mail from home, and I wanted to do one big post. If you have a question and are too afraid to ask in front of the whole class, please e-mail me at otherwise please keep your questions to yourself.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Who is the most beautiful baby in the world....

Well Pres of course!!!!!
This smile melts my heart.

What's the best part of the blog world?????? Seeing all the answered prayers!!!! The proof is in the pictures. I am talking about pictures of all these miracle babies. Since I don't have a baby of my own yet, Pres is kinda like my adoptive daughter. She is just the right kind awhile and then give her back. Ha Ha I don't have to deal with all the sleepless nights. Sorry Kristy!!!!! These pictures aren't the best quality (my camera phone is no match for the Nikon), but when you have a beautiful baby like Pres it doesn't matter. Pres is cute in black and white, color, or blurry and fuzzy.

Q & A

July must be Q & A month in the blog world. Did I miss the memo? Apparently so. Across the blog world on most of the blogs that I read I am seeing the most interesting questions. So in light of all that I have read today, I have decided to open my own blog to all of your questions. This is your chance to ask about all things about me that you just don't understand. Ha Ha.
Here are the details. You can leave your question in a comment or send it to me in an email sometime today or tomorrow. I will have my laptop with me this weekend so I will be answering all your burning questions on Saturday or Sunday. No question is off limits. I will answer honestly and truthfully.
I also challenge you to do the same. This is a great way to learn more about our blog friends!!!!
Oh and guess what folks...................tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!

Scrapbook a wall

Anybody ever thought about using scrapbook paper as wallpaper? Darcy did!!! Go check out her blog to see how this creative and crafty chic decorated her children's playroom, and all her other amazing creations!!!

Is it Friday yet?

I have always heard people say not to wish your life away, but today I just can't help it. I am really really ready for the weekend to start. In all honesty I should probably be wishing that I had a few more days. My suitcase isn't near being packed, and my bedroom looks like a cyclone has swept through. The clothes that I washed last night didn't make it to the dryer since I was well napping, so now they are soured and need to be re-washed. My mother says that I think water is free. In my defense it was free for us up until about 3 years ago. We used to have a well.
This weekend's plan has changed slightly from the original. Instead of heading to Chattanooga tomorrow night I will be heading white water rafting. Can ya'll believe I am doing an outdoor thing? Yeah me neither!!!!! Some of my friends are going and they invited B and I to join them. Pretty sure I never imagined myself riding through white water rapids in ice cold water, but I am trying it. If you know me, then you know that I HATE to be cold. I am guessing that since the water is coming straight off of a mountain it may be a tad bit chilly. Oh the horror!!!!
Rafting will be right up B's alley. He is pretty excited, me not so much. Oh and I don't exactly want to be looking like a drowned rat. There is a bright side to all of cameras allowed. Cameras can't hold up to the water, and apparently EVERYONE in the raft MUST paddle, so no one will be snapping away!! Did I mention that all of my friends who are going and B have been rafting before? I just love being the newbie!
So while I thought that I would be enjoying a nice relaxing weekend, I will instead be experiencing the thrill of rafting. Can you sense the excitement in my tone?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Closure and Comfort

This Sunday marks a month since Tim and I have been broken up. A few nights ago I spoke with him. The simple and short version is this.......he is no longer in love with me. Those are his words not mine. Can you believe that I didn't break down? I promise I didn't. It seems odd, but I finally felt like I had the closure I needed to move on.
Remember me saying that I wasn't praying for us to be back together? I wasn't. I prayed for the Lord's will to be done and for strength if Tim decided that he didn't want to come back. Not only did the Lord give me strength that night, he also gave me the most peaceful night of sleep that I have had in a month. Doubt me? Go ahead! I know that God has been here the whole time. He has held my hand each time that I felt like I would die. I don't know what people without God do. How do they survive?
Now I am not going to lie and say that I am magically fine and dandy. I am not. My heart was not healed overnight. My memories of Tim and the things that we did have not been erased. Missing him is a daily feeling. I still love him and probably always will. Not in a psycho-stalker way, but when you spend everyday with someone for 4 years you are always going to be connected to them. Moving on is never easy, but I am really trying.
Speaking of moving on..............................................................................................................................
Here is a picture of the infamous B!!!!! Can you tell he is an "outdoorsy" kinda guy? Don't worry gals he knows full well that I am NOT an "outdoorsy" kinda girl! Believe it or not he totally doesn't care. I stole this picture from his facebook without his permission so lets not tell him!!! Stay tuned for more photos from this upcoming weekend! Only 2 more days........shew the weekends are never long enough!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Wrapup

What is the best way to enjoy a car trip?????????????????? A Michael Jackson CD cranked up and a huge gas station slushy!!!!!!

I had an absolute blast this weekend. Saturday morning came a little too early after my night of cleaning and organizing. Still I was so excited to see B that I hardly noticed. It was about 10 a.m. when I finally backed out of my driveway, and around 12:30 when I arrived in Chattanooga.

B and his friends were at a bluegrass concert when I got into town so I quickly checked into my hotel and hurried straight to the MALL!!! I love my girls and totally missed having them with me on this shopping trip, but I still had fun. Since Cassie has a "real job" now that she has to wear dress clothes to daily, I spent most of the trip shopping for her. Sorry sissy I found zero dress clothes for ya.

After a couple of hours at Hamilton Place Mall I grabbed some lunch and headed back to my hotel. What's a girl to do after a 2 hour car trip, 5 hour shopping trip, and awesome lunch???? Take a nap of course. B called to check on me and asked if I wanted to go to eat with his friends. I wasn't sure what to expect from his friends, but let me tell ya folks, I fell in love with them. They all reminded me so much of my friends. Instead of going out we stayed in with pizza.

My favorite part of the night was when B got out the guitar and played for us. Actually two of his friends played too. Let me tell ya gals B can totally sing. George Strait has nothing on B. His friends sang pretty well too. I can't wait until next weekend so MY friends can hear B sing and play.

Today was bittersweet. I hated to say bye to B, but I was excited to head home and see Preslee. My plan was to come home, unpack, take a quick nap and then head back to town. Kristy wanted to go walk tonight, but it didn't work out that way. I didn't unpack, but I did take a nap.........a long nap. Oh well I need my beauty rest. Ha Ha.

So here I sit wide awake blogging. Seriously I will regret this when tomorrow morning comes around. Oh well I am ready to get this week started. Next weekend can't come fast enough!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for me over the past couple of weeks. I can't explain how much your comments have helped. Things are looking up and getting better. Tim is not on my mind nearly as much as he was. I still miss him, but I am moving on. My prayer is still for the Lord's will to be done and for strength. I know that the Lord is the only one who can heal my broken heart. Each day gets easier and easiser. I am thankful for that.

If you don't read Alexis' blog, I highly suggest that you start. She posted about a prayer request of her own, and I would like to ask all of you to include her in your prayers. You can find her blog on the right side of mine. I am sure she would appreciate any kind thought and prayer that you may have for her.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I must stop packing!!!!!!

Seriously why am I such an over-packer? I am sitting here blogging because I had to stop myself from packing. Honestly I have 4 shirts, a pair of shorts, a pair of bermuda shorts, a pair of jeans, a swimsuit, pj's, 2 belts (one brown and one black of course) silver flip flops, brown flip flops, black dress, brown jewelry, black jewelry, silver jewelry..........I haven't even gathered my bathroom items or my undies. Did I mention I am only staying one night? Well a girl never knows what she is going to get into. I may need to change a few times. Ha Ha!! B is going to die when he sees all that I am bringing.

When I talked to B earlier he mentioned going to a new eating spot that only locals know about. I think he said something about a lake. That means I will have to wear my hair curly. My hair and humidity really don't jive. Even though I would rather wear it straight, if I have to sit outside any longer than 10 minutes my hair is going to look like a hot frizzy mess!!! That's a no go folks!!!

Shopping at Hamilton Place Mall is all I am thinking about right now. A few minutes ago I looked at the website to see what new stores have been added since my last trip. To my surprise it is more than a few. I noticed that California Nails was listed. Thank nails really need to be filled in. Hopefully, I can find some really nice dress clothes for work.....on the sale rack.....better yet the clearance rack!!!!! I feel like I wear the same clothes every week. Well I do.

Soooooo ummmmmm just so ya'll know it is now 9:38 and I still have a million things to do. These last minute trips are gonna be the death of me. Thank goodness I will have all of next week to plan for that weekend trip. Oh and I think that trip has been modified a bit, but we will have to wait until closer to time to be sure.

As much as I hate to I am off to fold clothes, throw some in the dryer, hang some up, organize my bedroom, gather my other "must haves", put EVERYTHING in my suitcase, charge my camera battery, ohhhhhhhhh and make a list of all the things I need for Kristy's wedding just in case I find some big sales in those Chattanooga bridal shops.

Ya'll pray for me to have a safe trip down and back. Oh and that I can find a nice, clean hotel to rest my head in. Preferably one with a pool!!!! I have not been swimming all summer!!!! I know I know poor me right?

Have a great weekend folks!!!


T.V. and movies are very important to me. I blame my daddy. Ha Ha! His movie interests have shaped mine. He watches Turner Classic Movies quite a bit. Pretty sure the first time I ever saw Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, I was hooked. Something about Bodega Bay just go me. Just in case you don't have a clue about this classic here is a link to find out more.
Jessica saw this Barbie in Wal-mart and just had to show me. I love it. Seriously folks this Barbie will be on my nightstand very soon!!!!

Chattanooga here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B is meeting some of his friends in Chatt this weekend and he invited me to come along. Well actually I am meeting him there. He is going to a big bluegrass festival, I am going shopping! Anyone ever been to Hamilton Place Mall? It's one of my favorite places to shop other than Opry Mills in Nashville. I would love to discover a Rainforest Cafe in Chattanooga.

Yes I know we are suppose to meet in Chattanooga next weekend, but we are gonna meet this weekend too. Chattanooga is an awesome city and has lots of neat things to do. There are a couple of bridal shops that I am going to look in also. We picked out our bridesmaids dresses Wednesday, but there are a million other things to get. By the way Kristy's maid of honor wears a size 13 shoe. Anyone know where we can find her some great shoes for the wedding?
I am taking my camera and laptop so hopefully I will have high speed internet access in my hotel and I can post easier or least faster.

Wish me luck on finding some awesome deals on some dress clothes for work.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Go Girl Giveaway

OMG girls slow down. I just read about 20 e-mails from gals who want a chance to win one of these beauties. Since I love you gals so much I would be glad to give one away. Actually its a better deal if I buy the 3 pack so.........................on July 31st I will draw 3 lucky girls!
The first person to comment will be added an additional 4 times!
Good luck gals!!!
By the way I love all your e-mails and comments so keep sending them!!!!!

Go Girl
I know all or at least most of you read MckMama's blog. While I was reading last night I saw this in one of her posts. Anyone know what it is?? Go Girl is a female urination device. Can you believe it? Are you shocked too? Simply put, GoGirl is the way to stand up to crowded, disgusting, distant or non-existent bathrooms. It’s a female urination device (sometimes called a FUD) that allows you to pee while standing up. It’s neat. It’s discreet. It’s hygienic.

I must admit the color is awesome, but I don't know how much I would enjoy standing up while I pee. Sitting on nasty public toilets isn't one of my most favorite things to do either, so maybe I should try this.

MckMama said that she has actually used a Subway cup in the past during an emergency. I remember one night a friend of mine cut the top off of a bottle of water and used it. It wasn't the most ladylike pose I had ever seen, but she had to go. When you have to go, you have to go.

The website says:
If you camp, you’ll love GoGirl. If you ski, you’ll love GoGirl. If you boat, you’ll love GoGirl. If you travel, you’ll love GoGirl. If you just want to avoid the germs you find in nasty public toilets, you’ll love GoGirl. GoGirl is for active women of all types and ages.

Oh and just in case you want to know how to use it:
Ready, set, go!
Just adjust your clothing, and hold GoGirl gently against your body to form a seal. Aim and urinate. GoGirl’s a snap to use. But we suggest you practice at home a time or two at home, so you’re confident and ready to go, wherever the urge strikes. If there’s leakage, you’re not sealing it against you. Try again. The second time’s a charm.
GoGirl’s economical enough to be considered disposable, but some women choose to use the product again and again. Use the enclosed baggie to dispose of the product after use. Or use it to store GoGirl until you can clean it.
Urine is sterile, and GoGirl’s medical grade silicone is germ resistant, but the product can come into contact with bacteria during use, so take care in cleaning. It’s sturdy enough to stand up to multiple washings. (One enthusiast gleefully reported that GoGirl stood up to her dishwasher.)
You’re ready to go again!

Ummmm I won't be putting mine in the dishwasher, but I will be ordering one.
Yes, thats right I am going to try it out and then report back to you.
If you try one in the meantime let me know!!!!