Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fun Friday with Friends

Kristy, Kel and I headed out to the dock last night. For some reason we thought the fireworks were last night. They weren't, but we still had fun. Twin cove is full of "yankees" this time of year. That's what we call the people who come from up north to vacation on Norris lake. Some are nice, but most are just totally obnoxious. I enjoy watching them dance. Usually most of them are so drunk by the time they make it to the dance floor, that they don't realize how silly they look. It's great entertainment for those of us who are sober. Ha Ha

Check out my cheerleader pose.

Headed out to the dock.
Don't you just adore Kel's pippy longstocking hair style?

We had a mini photo shoot in the bathroom.

Yeah we are pretty much dorks!!


AmyT said...

you guys are so cute - looks like fun!!!