Saturday, February 28, 2009

Vista Print

Finally after about a month I have recieved my business cards. It was my fault. I couldn't decide where I wanted to order them from until........I found Vista Print. I ordered 250 business cards for FREE! Yep that's right FREE! If you are in need of business cards go check them out! I only had to pay for shipping which was $5.74! I think I got a pretty great deal!

Pick Melissa!! Pick Melissa!!

It's no secret that I want Jason to pick Melissa. I just read Jason's latest interview in People Magazine. According to his answer to the last question I really think he will choose Melissa. She seems like a much better fit for Ty and Jason. Don't miss the season finale on Monday night!!!!!

Stay Tuned.....

I have been feeling a bit crafty lately, just ask Tim. His coffee table looks like a hurricane has swept through. I must say he has been really great though. Usually if I am in the middle of a project he tries to clean while I am still working. It may have been that he was absolutely worn out when he came upstairs and just didn't care.

Anyway.......Paige, Kristy and I went to Hobby Lobby Wednesday. I hadn't been in there in over 2 years simply because I spend way too much money when I go. This trip was no different. I always feel so creative when I am in there. Unfortunatley that creativity doesn't always follow me home. More often than not I start these projects and don't finish them.

I am pleased to report that this time I have not only finished the project, but I actually like the outcome. I love anything that is monogrammed or personalized. I bought huge white letters and painted them a solid color. Then I painted polka dots on them. After they dried I hot glued ribbon to the back and attached a small picture frame.

This is a gift Tim's little cousin Bethany. Today is her birthday party and I am so excited to see what she thinks. I have already started making more of these and so far I have the first 10 letters of the alphabet done. So the "B" is already taken, but if you are interested in A,C,D,E,F,G,H,I or J let me know. lol

Hopefully, this creative streak will continue and I can branch out to other projects. I will post pictures of the finished product tonight.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Guess who's coming?

I have exciting news!!!! Polkadaises creator Becky emailed me today to say that she will be doing a booth at the prom show!!!! Becky is really creative and talented! I am so glad that she decided to do a booth. If you liked the necklace I got for Stacy come to the show and order yours!!!! Be sure to check out her blog for updates and new stuff!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

27 Dresses +

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have a girl who is donating 30 dresses to the prom show. She has been directly affected by cancer and wanted to help as much as possible. She e-mailed me today to let me know that she had gathered all her friends together and ALL their dresses! This will be a great addition to our prom and bridal show. These dresses range from sizes 0-12, and each dress will start at $50 and go up. If you are looking for an inexpensive prom dress this will be the perfect option for you! Come see!

Soaking up the sun

I love love love Upscale Tans. I love going to the tanning bed. It's my 15 minutes of me time. Tanning is relaxing especially this time of year. Upscale Tans has all new bulbs and the beds looked new too. It was super clean and organized. They are open from 10 am- 10 pm.

The prices are really reasonable! I bought the $35 unlimited monthy package. At the last place I tanned it was $35 for 200 minutes. I would rather do unlimited than minutes. My problem is I say I am going to lay for 15 minutes, but in the sweltering summer heat I barely stay 5 minutes. I end up wasting minutes big time!

I have known Tausha for years and am glad she has this new biz. They are going to set up a booth at the prom show and will be selling packages. Come check them out.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The women tell all

Just got finished watching this week's The Bachelor. At first I was disappointed. I didn't know tonight was the tell all from the axed gals. I thought we were going to see Jason's family. It turned out to be an okay episode though.

It was good to see Trista, Ryan and little Max. I remember watching their wedding on TV. Something like 20 million viewers tuned in to see their union. Pretty cool!

Poor Stephanie! What was she wearing? Wasn't she suppose to be the stylish one of this season. I really thought she would be picked to be next year's Bachelorette, but now I think it will be Jillian. Did anyone else hear the audience applause when Chris suggested it? I would tune in to see her find prince charming.

It was a little awkward when they showed clips of the girls bashing each other. I certaintly wouldn't want to be in the same room with another girl while she watched a clip of me talking about her worst qualities.

I must say I was glad to see several of those girls on that stage and not in the final two. Megan was evil and kniving, Lauren was about the same and a tattletale, Shannon was just plain nuts, Natalie thought she was God's gift to guys, Naomi had an odd family but turned out to be okay, Stephanie was on a whole other page than Jason, Erika tried to hard, but Jillian shouldn't have been on that stage......

I felt so sorry for Jillian tonight. She handled it all with poise and grace. Jillian is a true trooper. She had such a positive attitude and really seemed okay with how it all turned out. I think she is right about the best friend thing. When I am 90 years old I want my best friend by my side. Jillian is genuine and sincere. She will find her prince!

Molly should have been on that stage! She is cute and sweet and all, but way too timid. She and Jason don't look good together. They don't match or mesh well. He is out going and adventurous and she is not. Molly seems like the type to play it safe, and Jason is the type to jump out of airplanes without a parachute.

Melissa is still my favorite! I am more than sure that she will win his family's hearts next week and we will soon be watching their wedding on national tv.

Tune in with me next week to see for yourself!


My blog has been approved on one of the sites I applied to.
I am so excited to start this new chapter of my blog life.
I will keep everyone updated on how things go.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Check out this little jem. Tim's cousin Jason and his wife Stacy are expecting their first baby in March. They are having a sweet baby girl named Shalynn. I wanted to get her some monogrammed things. Last week I discovered another gem. Becky Cox is a local teacher and monogrammer. She made this necklace for Stacy in one day. Not kidding! I e-mailed her to let her know I wanted one and she made it, gift wrapped it and delivered it to me at work! Check out her site!

It came in this cute little box.

How precious is this?
After Shalynn is born Stacy can take the necklace back to becky and have her birthdate put on it.

This is the cute little bag it came in.
Becky is so creative!
I can't wait to order more!

Blogging all the way to the bank

I stayed up until 3:30 this morning blogging. I have found several sites that pay bloggers for their opinions. It's pretty easy. Most of them just ask that you blog daily about anything and everything you want. The site pays you according to the amount of traffic your blog generates. I applied to about 30 sites last night. Hopefully one or two will pick my blog up and I can start earning a few extra "shoe" bucks!

I am not changing careers or anything, just trying something new. I blog anyway so why not get paid for it.

I'll keep you posted on my progress. I am interested to see if anyone else already does this and if so what sites you use. So let me know!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Upscale Tans

A friend of mine and one of her friends just opened a new tanning salon. Upscale tans had their grand opening today. They are in the same shopping center as Papa John's. I didn't have time today, but on Monday I am going to get a package. Their flyer says they are open 7 days a week from 10 am-10 pm. Go by and check them out!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Fellow Bloggers

Attention fellow bloggers.............I need help getting these blogs noticed. If you see something on my blog that you think is important could you blog about it as well? I will do the same for you. If you see a fund raiser that you may be able to help with, blog about it. Get your friends involved too! Thanks

Interesting Fund raiser

People's Bank of the South had an interesting fund raising idea last night.
Pam Webb is their team captain and she mentioned having a county wide choir concert.
She said that maybe we could have it at a big church in town and invite all the surrounding churches. Someone suggested that she invite the schools too. I am not sure about Jellico High School, but Campbell County has a choir. We also thought about the children's choir that always does the Christmas parade.
Campbell County has never done this kind of fund raiser for Relay. We are all really excited about it. The event is still in the planning stages so if you want to know more or help contact Pam Webb at People's Bank of the South. I am sure she would appreciate any help!

Dude looks like a lady

Relay has a dude looks like a lady contest every year.
It usually starts around 8 p.m. with all the guys (in full lady garb) walking around the track collecting money.
Last year it started to rain just as the guys began to walk the track.
I was really disappointed because our guy (Josh) looked really good!
We were all sure he was going to win.
Oh well we can't change the weather.

We are looking for guys who want to participate in this event.
Contact me if you are interested!

Relay Entertainment

We are looking for entertainment for the night of Relay (May 1st).
Normally we have dance teams, cheerleading teams, church choirs, karate, line dancing......etc.
If you have a group that would like to perform contact Paige at (423)907-8000.
She can get you signed up with a time, and let you know how much space you will have.
If your group has small children (that need to be in bed early) you may want to call soon.
The early showtimes go quick so hurry!

Team Captain Update

At last night's team captain meeting we heard about all kinds of new things. One thing was goal setting. I have asked each of First Volunteer's team members to raise $100 by May 1st. I am more than sure that each of them can do that and so much more.

Fund raisers were high on the list of things to discuss. I already blogged about some of them, and I want to encourage everyone to attend as many as you can.

Roane state needs golfers.

Coolidge could use some more washers.

I need more help for the fashion show.

The LaFollette Press is doing a fish fry and the cutest faces contest. Be looking for those in the near future.

One fund raiser that has been rescheduled is F.V.B.'s basketball tournament. We are going to try and have it sometime in April. I will post the details after I find a gym.

Don't forget about the Doughnut Shoppe's newest creation........THE RELAY FOR LIFE DONATION DOUGHNUT!

We didn't have as many teams at the meeting last night as we should, but we had a new one.........Brandon Partin (The newly elected property assessor) has agreed to head up the Courthouse Team. Brandon is one of my really great friends and I am glad he is on board. You may remember the rock wall he brought to Relay last year. I am hoping he will agree to do that again this year. The kids really enjoyed it.

Our next team captain meeting is March 19th at JMS in the lunchroom. Join us!

Car wash for Relay

Coolidge First Baptist Church is doing a car wash to benefit Relay.
It is going to be at Hardee's on April 25th.
(No time was mentioned, I will post as soon as I know)
They picked a great day since Campbell County High's prom is the same day.
I anticipate lots of young boys needing their trucks all squeaky clean for prom.
If you are interested in helping wash cars or hold signs contact me!

Tee off for Relay

Roane State is doing a golf tournament to benefit Relay for Life.
So mark your calendars for April 24th.
The tournament will be at the LaFollette Country Club.
If you are interested let me or Tracy Powers at Roane State know.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Relay for Life Doughnut

Does everyone love the new doughnut shoppe as much as I do? Well I know everyone on our Relay committee does. The shoppe was so gracious and made us special doughnuts with purple icing for today's meeting.  

Everyone was thrilled! Especially when Melissa said that the shoppe has agreed to make this special doughnut everyday. Not only are they going to make them, they are also going to donate 100% of the proceeds to Relay! 

We are hoping that they will set up on the night of Relay (May 1st) and sell these "donation doughnuts" to the masses. 

Go by and check the doughnut shoppe out, and buy a Relay doughnut! 

Melissa VS Molly

I am not psychic or anything, but I did tell Tim after the first episode of this season's bachelor that I wanted Melissa or Jillian. He actually picked Melissa and Molly so now he thinks he is great or something!!! Ha Ha.

Anyway I missed this week's episode and somehow the TIVO let me down so now I don't know what happened. I know I know what a terrible life right?

Lets just say that I am glad Melissa and Molly are the final two. I am more than sure that he will pick Melissa!!!!!!!! Molly is too timid and safe. Jason and Melissa will make a much better couple!

I Love Monogramming!

For the past couple of months I have been searching the net for cute monogramming ideas. I have two babies that I need shower gifts for and I want monogrammed gifts. I really wasn't able to find all the items on the same site. One would have a few and another would have a few, but no one had them all.

Yesterday I was looking at another friend's blog and saw that her little girl had a monogrammed tee on. I was very surprised to find out the tee had been made locally. Turns out we have a local teacher who monograms! So go check out her website and blog and BUY! & She is really creative!

I am trying to get her to do a booth at the prom show. If she agrees I will let you know so you can see this stuff in person!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Basketball Tournament Update

So the interest in the basketball tournament for Relay has not been near what I had hoped. As of today we only have 3 teams signed up. I am giving it until Friday. If I don't have any more interest we are going to have to cancel. So if you want to enter a team let me know by friday.

Team Captain Meeting

The next team captain's meeting for Relay is this Thursday (19th) at JMS. We meet in the lunchroom at 5:30. I encourage anyone and everyone to come out and learn more about this years' Relay. See ya there!


It's been a few days since my last blog so here is an update. I have been so busy planning the prom show this past week. Everything seems to be falling into place though. I can't complain I have some really great people helping. We have quite a few vendors coming to the show. I actually think we have twice as many as last year.

Here is a sneak peak of who has already R.S.V.P.'d: Southern Charm Portraits, SophieMac Photography, Heather Sexton Photography, Southern Living, Premier Jewelry, Lia Sophia Jewelry, Mary Kay, and Avon.

I am still looking for more vendors. We would like to have some hair stylists and nail techs.

Keep checking back for more info!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Relay on Facebook

Our Relay for Life committee has started a group on facebook. I didn't have a facebook and as much as I hated to make one I did. It's amazing to me that there are so many more people on facebook than myspace. Myspace seems more interesting than facebook. This is my second attempt at facebook. The first one ended as a result of shear boredom. Anyway look our group up and join! You can see all the upcoming fundraisers that Relay is doing and a running total of what's been raised so far.

F.Y.I. First Volunteer had a bake sale Friday and we made more than you might think. We did so good in fact that we are going to do an even bigger one this Friday. Come by and check it out!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Relay for Life Cutest Kid Contest

First Volunteer Bank has decided to do a cutest kid contest for Relay for Life.
The actual crowning will be on the night of Relay (May 1st) at CCHS.
Children (boys & girls) ages birth to 10 years old can compete.

You can start fundraising now, and continue to raise that night.
Money will be counted one hour before crowning begins. All money will go to Relay.
The child who raises the most in each age group will be crowned cutest kid.

The age groups are:
Birth to 2 years
3 years- 5 years
6 years - 8 years
9 years - 10 years
Each group winner will recieve a crown, a sash and their picture in the LaFollette Press.
Got a child you want to enter?
Let me know.
Remember this isn't just for girls!
Invite your friends and family to come see your little one strut their stuff on the relay stage.
No entry fee will be required.
Have questions?
Call me!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Prom & Bridal Show Flyer

This is the flyer we are handing out for the show. Print this page and help us get the word out!

First Volunteer Bank
The Gilded Gown
A Prom & Bridal Fashion Show & Expo
Benefiting Relay for Life
Saturday, March 7th
Caryville Elementary School

Come see the latest styles in prom and bridal fashion. !

Doors open for the expo at 1:00 p.m.
Vendors include hair stylists, nails techs, photographers, florists, make-up, jewelry, monogramming, etc………….

Fashion Show begins at 3 p.m.
Dress auction to follow

$5 Adults
$3 Students

Fashion show provided by The Gilded Gown & directed by Amy Floyd
Interested in being a vendor?
Contact Tiffany

Monday, February 9, 2009

Is she crazy?

I often joke with Tim that I want to have six kids all at one time. He never laughs! I only say this because I love Jon and Kate plus 8. Now in reality we all know that she doesn't really raise then alone. She has a personal chef, nannies, housekeepers, gardeners and so on. Basically she birthed them, which isn't an easy feat by any means.

Anyway with all this talk about the mama who had 8 babies and 6 already at home I have been wondering. Keep in mind that this woman does not have a job, and her parents have said publicly that they will not help her once she is home with all 14.

Heartless? I think not! Her parents have already raised her. Why should they have to raise her children as well? If she had 2 or 3 and was single that is different. If her husband had left her that is different. Instead she chose to have 14 children without a husband.

Sorry, I don't think her parents should pick up the slack because she "always wanted a big family" but has no job. I hate to see these children suffer because their mama is crazy!


I have no reason to complain about being tired today. I slept all weekend. Okay maybe not all weekend, I did eat and go to church, but most of my weekend was about sleep! Tim got home about 5:30 Friday afternoon. He was worn out from driving home, and it had been a busy day at work so we stayed in to nap.

He got up at 4:30 a.m. Saturday to head to Georgia. I had to work Saturday until 12 and then I actually cleaned my car! I know I am shocked too. It was such a nice day and my car was a mess, so it seemed like a good idea. My car is nice and clean now so I am glad I did it.

After a quick trip to goodwill I went to the apartment to rest. I was pretty tired from washing my car! I decided that I needed a "short" nap, and I really thought Tim would be back around 3, but I was wrong. The garage door opening woke me up at 6:10! I think it was about 2 p.m. when I layed down. So my short nap turned into more of a long rest!

I got up and re-did my hair and make-up and we headed to k-town. When we got back we sat down to watch a movie. Keep in mind that he had been up since 4:30! I might have made it past the opening credits. He didn't make it that far. Tim's snoring woke up up at 11:30. Lets call that a cat-nap!

After church yesterday I took another nap. Really this one was just a nap. Two hours tops! Tim was out on the bike so the apartment was super quiet and nice! You may think my weekend napping was over, but after church last night I took another nap! Yep that's right. Tim was busy ordering new stuff for the tire machine, and I was snoozing on the couch!

I woke up about 11 and went home. After taking off my make-up and brushing my teeth I went to bed. Oddly enough I slept all night!

I promise to be more productive next weekend, and snooze less!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

New business

No I haven't started another business......Tim has. That's right! Tim and his dad went to Georgia today to get their new tire machine. Apparently its the coolest invention ever. Well Tim and his dad think so. Anyway this tire machine can do all sorts of things. From now on they can rotate and balance tires, put new tires on and do motorcycles and four wheelers too! This will save us all money!

They couldn't wait to get it assembled today. In fact Tim's dad was in the garage from about 6 p.m. until 12:30 tonight using it. So on Monday I am going to order my new tires from Sam's and hopefully Tim will get them on my car by Friday. I am not holding my breath though considering I am not a paying customer! Speaking of customers he already has quite a few. He has 3 appointments this week!

So if you need some tire work done call Tim!

Free Session

I am giving away one free session. This session will go to the first person to refer 5 people to me. Your free session can be anywhere you choose (within reason) and whenever. So get me those referrals and we can get started on your session!

God is he is great!

I just heard great news about some friends. After several years of trying to concieve on their own without any luck, God has blessed them with a sweet baby girl through adoption. This is a true testament to their faith in God and prayer. This couple will make great parents. I am so happy for them! The adoption isn't final yet, so I won't release names. I just wanted to say congrats, and that I will continue to pray for their sweet family.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Guitar Hero Rock Stars.....well kinda

Tim loves guitar hero. I myself have never played. He really only has one playstation game I can play, four wheeling, but we hardly play it. Cassie and Josh came down a couple of nights ago to play. I just took pictures. lol

Tim looks so determined!
Normally, he doesn't miss a beat!
Apparently the ugly blue recliner helps his focus. At least thats what he says.

I really didn't understand the football game they were playing.

Look at them! They were so into it! I don't think they would have noticed if me and Cassie left!

Cassie was really good too. She ended up being a close match with Tim.

She has the smile of a champion!

Tim looks stoned! lol

Guitar Hero

Happy Birthday Tim!

Yes I know Tim has been 25 for a day or two and I am just now posting. He had my laptop with him all week with all my pictures on it. Better late than never I guess!

Check out that spelling on the cake.
Kinda looks like tin instead ot tim.
He actually wanted to use a pocket knife to cut his cake! I talked him out of it.
Who knows what he has cut with that nasty thing!

I tied each balloon on separate. It was really funny when he tried to open his gift.
It took forever though.

No Tim and I are not engaged. Sorry to disappoint the masses, but we aren't. I surely hope this post doesn't offend anyone, but stop asking. What gives people the right to think they have to know? My parents are different. My sister is different. My close friends and family are different. Complete strangers who see my myspace profile, my mom's clients, my mom's students, families of co-workers, etc.... are not.

We aren't celebs. You don't get to know about every part of our lives. If you are that interested in our my blog. I will let you know what you need to know.

I hate to be this way, but c'mon! This is our issue. Tim and I have had many conversations about this issue. Now granted a part of me would love to be married. This part gets smaller everytime someone stops me in Wal-mart. It's not ok when they nearly jerk my arm out of socket trying to see if I have a ring on "that" finger! It's not ok to publicly announce to everyone in Charley's Pizza that I STILL don't have a ring! Sorry but it's not! I don't care who you are or who you think you are, IT IS NOT OK!

Thankfully, the person causing the scene usually gets the crazy looks and not me. I get those "aw poor you" looks.

Unfortunatley I don't think this harrassment would stop if Tim and I were to announce our engagement. Instead of asking about a ring they would start asking about a date. Then after we are married they will want to know when we are going to have children.

Again, this post isn't directed to our friends and family, they can and will ask until they are blue in the face. It won't help by the way! I am talking about people who know us, but don't. If that makes since. This post is fair warning to the next person who see's us out in public and tries to make a scene. Tim and I are done with being nice. If you are prepared to dish it out, you better be just as prepared to take it!

So to clear the air, Tim and I will let you know when we get engaged. Until then find someone else to harass. We are done.

Let's Celebrate

Tim called while I was on lunch to say that he is on his way home!!!!! This was great news because I have missed him so much! He had some even better news.........He passed! I knew he would! Tim is super smart! So tonight we are gonna celebrate!

He isn't done with this little venture yet though. The big test is in May. Hopefully I can use a vacation day or two and go with him. He was telling me all about the shopping they have there. Which I will love, but is totally wasted on him.

Go Red

Today is Go Red for women day. Its to support women's heart health. Did you know that everyone can support the fight against heart disease in women by wearing red on National Wear Red Day, Friday, Feb. 6, 2009. It's a simple, powerful way to raise awareness of heart disease and stroke. Wear red today and show your support!

Donations to the American Heart Association's Go Red For Women fund research into the causes, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. To donate follow this link

To learn more about this issue go to

Sex and the City

Sex and the city is one of my all time favorite shows! The first movie was great (a tear jerker) and I just saw today where the girls confirmed that there will be a sequel! I am excited! According to People Mag filming will begin this summer and the sequel will premier summer of 2010!

Carrie & Charlotte are my favorites!

Thank God it's Friday

Tim is coming home today!

I am super excited! I have been working on a couple of surprises for his homecoming and most are done. My hair is the biggest one. I couldn't post anything about it earlier in the week, because believe it or not he has actually been so bored that he has been reading my blog!! I know shocking right?

Tim isn't much of a blog stalker. If I talk about my blog or someone else's he wants to know why I do it. He asks where the enjoyment is. I can't explain it any other way than I just like to do it. Simple enough?

Anyway Tim has a lecture this morning and then he has a test to take. (Pray hard that he passes) Then he will be headed home. I hope to be off work before he gets into town.

It's been a tough week without him. Very different that's for sure. Wonder if he missed me as much as I missed him? Probably not and even if he did I am sure he wouldn't admit it! Guys are weird like that.

I am so glad that today is Friday! Even though I have to work tomorrow I am still glad its time for the weekend!

Pray for Tim today. He is stressed about this test. Pray for his safe return home. Pray that he likes my hair! lol

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rummage Sales

Even though its still chilly and snowy outside I am going to throw this idea out there. Last year we had a huge rummage sale in front of the Jacksboro branch for Relay for Life. It was bitter cold that day, but the turn out was good and we made about $600. This year several teams are going to get together at one place and do an even bigger sale. So be looking for the flyers advertising where and when.

If you would like to set up with us let me know. You don't have to have a Relay team we just ask that you give your profits to Relay.

We are always looking for new and fun fundraising ideas. Someone told us that they rent out parking spaces at Powell-Clinch in Lake City. People pay $5 per space. We were thinking about doing that here one Saturday after we close. The money from the parking spaces would go to Relay and whatever the seller sells they keep. I think its a win win situation.

If you are interested let me know.

Mary Kay

I am looking for someone to do a Mary Kay booth at the prom expo. My Mary Kay lady is retiring and I don't know anyone else in the area who sells it. If you know someone let me know.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What's your favorite reality show?

I wouldn't say that I am obsessed with reality tv, but I do watch quite a few of them. Tim does not share my love of reality tv. He did watch Mama's Boys with me and on occassion he can sit through an episode of Jon & Kate plus 8 or the Duggars. He absolutely hates The Real Houswives of Orange County. Well he did until this season. There is a new housewife on the block, Gretchen, and Tim really likes her. lol

I don't like American Idol or Survivor. Sorry can't stand to see them eat rats and live with bugs. Not much of a bug kinda girl. I prefer Top Chef, America's next top model or Wife Swap.

Speaking of wife swap did anyone watch last night? That woman was eating raw chicken! Ummm someone should tell her that that's how people get samonella poisoning!

If I had to choose a favorite it would be a close tie with Jon & Kate plus 8 and The Duggars. I love the Gosselin kids, but I think their mom is a little loopy. If you don't know this family they are the couple who had twins and then sextuplets. Since the birth of the sextuplets they have been featured on numerous talk shows, book tours and their series on TLC. I love the kids, but Kate needs professional help. Poor Jon he needs to stand up to Kate. Check out their show and you will see what I mean!

The Duggars have a big family too. 18 children to be exact. Yep you read right. Michelle Duggar just gave birth to their 18th child. All the childrens' names begin with the letter J. The oldest, Joshua, just got married. I like that the family keeps GOD and family first, but they are a litttle fanatical about some things. Their children don't date they court. Which means they always have a chaperone, only hold hands and can't even kiss. The family is debt free which is awesome, but I feel like they are sheltered. They have a series on TLC too. Check it out!

So what is your fav reality show?


If you are one of my blog stalkers you have probably noticed the new button on my tab. I added this button to get Kayleigh's story out. Her family isn't asking for money just prayers. Add Kayleigh to your prayers tonight and take a minute to read her story.

Do we have to get something to give?

For the past couple of weeks I have been contacting people about the prom expo and fashion show. Some local and some not. I have been asking them to either donate dresses or be a vendor in the expo. I have been using to find girls with dresses for sale, and possible vendors.

Unfortunatley, it seems that everyone I contact wants to know what they are getting in return. Now I understand that these girls have paid unreal prices for these dresses and they would like to get that back out of them, but lets get real. Sorry girls it isn't going to happen. I offered them the same deal as I did everyone else. Half to them and half to Relay. I guess my biggest issue is that even after I tell them this event is for charity, they still want to know what they are gonna get.

Don't get me wrong I have met a great contact in Knoxville who does fashion shows for a living. She has agreed to do the fashion show for us! Not only has she been a model her entire life, she trains them too! I have also found some girls willing to donate their dresses and even drive them all the way to CC, but I have also had some nasty little emails. These emails are discouraging, but the thought of giving up is even more discouraging. So instead of replying to these emails I simply delete them.

Why do we have to get something in order to give? Why does everything we do have to benefit us? Can't we just do something nice for someone?

To me helping Relay is like putting money in the bank. The American Cancer Society and Relay for Life are constantly coming up with new treatments, coping instruments and support systems. When we give to Relay we are helping to find cures, treatments and help support anyone who has ever dealt with the disease. You never know when you or someone you love is going to be given the dreaded news that they have cancer. Don't wait until you need Relay to give, give now! Relay needs you!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Creative Booths

Since announcing the prom expo and fashion show I have had lots of people calling about booths. These are people who make things....creative things! Some of these things don't go exactly with our theme, but I still wanted to include them. Most of them are donating all their profits to Relay or forming teams. I am so excited! These creative items include: Hand made hair bows, head bands, monogramming, monogrammed key rings, onesies, etc.......

Come to the show to see them in person!

Missing Tim

Tim left for murfeesboro on a work trip Sunday. Even though I know he is coming back, and he is only going to be gone a week, it was still hard to say bye to him.

I have tried to keep myself busy and so far I have been successful. I even went to the gym last night. I know shocking right? I didn't do anything too crazy, just walked on the tredmill. Surprisingly after leaving I felt very relaxed. My legs were almost like jello and I had a hard time walking, but I was relaxed none the less.

Besides the gym experience I have a couple of appointments this week and some surprises to get ready for Tim! I love surprises and to surprise other people. Tim on the other hand really doesn't like them. He thinks I go to too much trouble. It's really no trouble because again I love surprises!
Oh well!
Help me pray for Tim. Pray that he passes his test! Pray that he has a safe trip home.! Pray that he doesn't get too mad when gets a look at the changes I made in the apartment this week!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Jewelry Party

Premier Jewelry Party

March 26th, 6 p.m.


Tracy's House
Tracy and I are having a premier party. Kristy just had one last week and I saw all the new stuff. Having a party is a great way to get free jewelry! Let me know if you can make it!

Prom Show & Expo

Good news........ we have a date, location, time and DRESSES!!!!
That's right!
First Volunteer Bank will host a prom fashion show and expo on March 7th at Caryville Elementary School. The doors will open to vendors at 11 a.m. for set up. We will open the doors to the pubic at 1 p.m. The fashion show will start at 3 p.m.
Vendors will be set up inside the gym. If you are interested in being a vendor please let me know. Vendor booths are $25 and that money goes directly to Relay for Life. Any money that a vendor makes at the show is their's to keep. We can provide a table and two chairs for each booth, but vendors can bring their own if they wish. We have confirmed several vendors already including photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists, jewelers, etc.
I am talking with a dress store in Knoxville. They know that lots of girls from Campbell County go to Knoxville for prom items. They are new and want to get their name out.
However, the dress incentive still stands. If you have a dress that you would like to enter in the show let me know.
If your dress or dresses sell you get half of the profit and the other half goes to Relay. If you want to donate all the proceeds to Relay that would be great, but you don't have to.
We need volunteers to help with the event so if you are interested let us know!
Be sure to check out other fund raisers for Relay for Life

Fishing Tournament

First Volunteer is thinking about hosting a fishing tournament. This event would benefit Relay for Life. We are still in the planning stages. If you think you may be interested in this event let me or Paige know.
I know absolutely nothing about fishing, so Paige is heading this fund raiser up. We don't want to have it when another fishing tournment is going on, so if you know of one let us know!
If you don't want to fish, but would still like to help, we would love to have you!

Basketball Update

First Volunteer BankBasketball Tournament to benefit
Relay for Life
Saturday, Feb 28th 2009LaFollette Rec Center
3 on 3Half Court $50 per team
Deadline to enter: February 25th
We still need teams for this tournament. If you or someone you know is interested please let me know! Remember that this is a great cause, and worth supporting.


I know it has been a while since I blogged, but it has been a crazy couple of days. I have some things to blog about, but I will wait until I can post pictures with them. That may be next week since Tim has my laptop right now. He is out of town for work so I sent it with him. I figured between 8 hours of school during the day, studying for a couple of hours at night and of course missing me, he might get a little bored.

Anyway I have had a couple of people call over the weekend about appointments. With the weather I am afraid to promise anybody anything. I have a list about a mile long of people waiting on spring! I have an appointment on Wednesday so hopefully the weather will cooperate!