Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Do we have to get something to give?

For the past couple of weeks I have been contacting people about the prom expo and fashion show. Some local and some not. I have been asking them to either donate dresses or be a vendor in the expo. I have been using to find girls with dresses for sale, and possible vendors.

Unfortunatley, it seems that everyone I contact wants to know what they are getting in return. Now I understand that these girls have paid unreal prices for these dresses and they would like to get that back out of them, but lets get real. Sorry girls it isn't going to happen. I offered them the same deal as I did everyone else. Half to them and half to Relay. I guess my biggest issue is that even after I tell them this event is for charity, they still want to know what they are gonna get.

Don't get me wrong I have met a great contact in Knoxville who does fashion shows for a living. She has agreed to do the fashion show for us! Not only has she been a model her entire life, she trains them too! I have also found some girls willing to donate their dresses and even drive them all the way to CC, but I have also had some nasty little emails. These emails are discouraging, but the thought of giving up is even more discouraging. So instead of replying to these emails I simply delete them.

Why do we have to get something in order to give? Why does everything we do have to benefit us? Can't we just do something nice for someone?

To me helping Relay is like putting money in the bank. The American Cancer Society and Relay for Life are constantly coming up with new treatments, coping instruments and support systems. When we give to Relay we are helping to find cures, treatments and help support anyone who has ever dealt with the disease. You never know when you or someone you love is going to be given the dreaded news that they have cancer. Don't wait until you need Relay to give, give now! Relay needs you!


Jessiecue said...

I am so sorry sweetie that people are being this way.