Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Love Monogramming!

For the past couple of months I have been searching the net for cute monogramming ideas. I have two babies that I need shower gifts for and I want monogrammed gifts. I really wasn't able to find all the items on the same site. One would have a few and another would have a few, but no one had them all.

Yesterday I was looking at another friend's blog and saw that her little girl had a monogrammed tee on. I was very surprised to find out the tee had been made locally. Turns out we have a local teacher who monograms! So go check out her website and blog and BUY! & She is really creative!

I am trying to get her to do a booth at the prom show. If she agrees I will let you know so you can see this stuff in person!


Jessiecue said...

Did you know that Stacey Whitacker is trying to open a monogram business of her own. She may very well be interested. I can email her and ask her if she would be interested if you would like.

T Sharee said...

Yes please ask her! That would be great!

Jessiecue said...

Hey looks like Stacey is gonna be out of town that weekend. She said to keep her in mind the next time you need something Monogramed.