Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stay Tuned.....

I have been feeling a bit crafty lately, just ask Tim. His coffee table looks like a hurricane has swept through. I must say he has been really great though. Usually if I am in the middle of a project he tries to clean while I am still working. It may have been that he was absolutely worn out when he came upstairs and just didn't care.

Anyway.......Paige, Kristy and I went to Hobby Lobby Wednesday. I hadn't been in there in over 2 years simply because I spend way too much money when I go. This trip was no different. I always feel so creative when I am in there. Unfortunatley that creativity doesn't always follow me home. More often than not I start these projects and don't finish them.

I am pleased to report that this time I have not only finished the project, but I actually like the outcome. I love anything that is monogrammed or personalized. I bought huge white letters and painted them a solid color. Then I painted polka dots on them. After they dried I hot glued ribbon to the back and attached a small picture frame.

This is a gift Tim's little cousin Bethany. Today is her birthday party and I am so excited to see what she thinks. I have already started making more of these and so far I have the first 10 letters of the alphabet done. So the "B" is already taken, but if you are interested in A,C,D,E,F,G,H,I or J let me know. lol

Hopefully, this creative streak will continue and I can branch out to other projects. I will post pictures of the finished product tonight.