Sunday, November 22, 2009

Catch up!

Who has missed me? Yeah yeah I know I have read all your e-mails and comments. Ya'll have been so worried, and I really appreciate the concern! Well lots and lots have been going on so lets get started.

First I am no longer employed. I would like to talk about it, but for legal reasons I cannot. Just so you're not totally in the dark, I have been job hunting for the last six months. So I am not in the least bit upset about no longer being employed at FVB. Yes, I wanted to have a job to go to when I quit, but it didn't work out that way. I have spent the last two weeks going on SEVERAL job interviews and internship interviews. When I say several I mean several. Over the past couple of months I have heard so many people talking about the job market and how slim it is. Ummmmm sorry I don't buy it! There are plenty of jobs out there, you just have to get off the couch and go look. Thankfully, I am well qualified and educated so interviews have been pouring in.

Ohhhh and just for the record 99% of the e-mails have asked about a guy in my life. I don't have one right now so to speak. I have a major crush (yeah cause I am in middle school lol) but nothing has happened. He is an amazing guy and has been a major part of my life for quite some time. But just so ya'll know I have decided to be more private with that part of my life. It just seems like that part needs to be between me and the guy. Ya know? I would appreciate your prayers though. This guy is great and I could use all the prayers I can get for this to work out. I would be the happiest girl in the world if it did.

Since it's Sunday night let's recap the weekend. Friday night was movie night. We saw Blindside and it was awesome. If you haven't seen it yet......GOOOOOOOO! It was great. It was nice to see Phil Fulmer in it and so much talk about Knoxville and good ole Tennessee.

Saturday night the whole crew headed to Hooter's for fight night. Luckily we got there early and saw the end of the game. Tennessee beat Vandy and I couldn't be more proud of Lane! Mr. Kiffin has really impressed me, and I am not just talking about his looks. LOL Kristy and Brian's fighter won too. So except for Kristy's wallet getting stolen it was a great night.

Today has been my lazy day. Well if you can call filling out applications for internships lazy. Who knew internships required so much paperwork. One required 12 letters of recommedation. I will never be able to thank those 12 people enough.

Tomorrow is a new day and I am excited. Yes, I could be depressed, sad, scared or even mad that I am jobless and guyless, but really how would that help? No, Instead I am choosing to be postive, proactive and faithful. Faithful to God, because I know he has a plan for me. He never closes one door without opening opening another. I know that he has an awesome plan for me in both of those areas, so I am just going to see what happens. Isn't it amazing to just let go and let God?

Your prayers are welcome and wanted! There are several job opportunities that I have been working on for more than 3 months, andI could really use some extra prayers! Also in the guy department!!!