Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Welcome to the blog world!

Hey blog friends! Hopefully everyone is having a great week so far. I just wanted to introduce all my blog world friends to a new blog. This one belongs to one of my good friends and her stuff is just too cute not to share. Sarah is new to the blog world so help me welcome her to our family! If you see something that you like, just leave her an encouraging comment. It will really make her day!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Dooley VS Dragons

This past Saturday our beloved Vols battled UAB......and when I say battled, I mean battled! All week whenever the upcoming game was mentioned, everyone said no problem....piece of cake......its in the in the bank. Yeah not so much! Basically it was a stress filled couple of hours. In the end after two overtimes, Dooley beat the dragons!

Cassie came to the game with us this week, and I was thrilled. Even though we only live about 10 minutes apart we still don't see each other a lot. Before she got married everybody told us that after the wedding we wouldn't be as close. I really couldn't see that since we are only 20 months apart and super close.......BUT......sadly it has turned out to be true. Our lives are just so busy these days! It was so nice to get to spend the afternoon with her! I love my sissy!
Three proud Vol fans!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ella from the Bachelor

How many of you watch The Bachelor on ABC? Anybody watch Jake's season? Do you remember Ella? Ella is one of my very best friends! Even though she didn't find love with Jake, I am pleased to announce that she has in fact found love now. Ella is now engaged and planning her 2011 wedding. Her groom is in the Army and currently stationed in Afganistan. Unfortunately he can't help with the wedding planning from there. Carrie and I are honored to be bridesmaids and are having a blast helping her plan! BUT.......we need ideas! Several magazines have contacted Ella wanting to be at the wedding, and a couple of girls from her season are coming too! We want Ella's day to be amazing, but not cookie cutter. So send me your ideas! If you have a product or service that you want Ella to use in her wedding let me know!

It's football time in Tennessee!

Even though I know almost nothing about football, it is quickly becoming one of my new favorite things. That's thanks in most part to Carrie. She is a football fanatic! Yesterday we played Florida and it didn't end well for our beloved Vols. Sadly we lost, but our crew still had a blast tailgating and making the walk to and from the stadium.

Me & Ella
Of all the things to forget on gameday why oh why did it have to be sunscreen!!!!!!!

Love these girls!

This was how we looked by the end of the night. After a full day of tailgating, a two mile walk to the stadium, a two mile walk back and waiting FOREVER for dinner. A day like that makes for four very tired girls.

I love getting my hair done in a parking lot!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tiff + Carrie= Super Summer

This summer Carrie and I have gotten super close and I am super glad! We have known each other our whole lives, and lived literally 2 minutes apart. Spending this summer with her has been amazing! We have had made the best memories, and I am certain that we will be 85 in the nursing home laughing about the crazy things we did!

Dinner at Downtown Grill and Brewery.
One of the BEST places to eat in downtown Knoxville!

Concert Chicks!

Bachelorette Party

Halfway into our 108 degree heatwave.....with a puppy.....
didn't end well!

Yep its this scary to ride with me!

Wedding Day!

Made it to the top....nearly died.....didn't quit though!

Super proud of ourselves!

Love my bff!

I'm a barbie girl......

My very first best friend got married this summer. We met the first day of Kindergarten! I can't believe she is married now! It was the strangest feeling to see her standing up there in her wedding dress. I wanted to go all out for this wedding so when I found these "barbie" shoes I knew they would be perfect! I really felt like a brunette barbie the whole night! Probably the best $40 I have spent in a very long time. Oh and my Mama picked out this dress for me. Normally we don't have the same taste in clothes, but I adore this dress. Hopefully I will still fit in it next summer!

Lover Lover don't treat me no good no more!

This has been an AMAZING summer! Carrie and I had the opportunity to meet Jerrod Niemann during his college town tour. He was a super nice guy and VERY friendly! Pretty sure right after this picture he turned to Carrie and started getting her life story! Basically he fell in love with her. Too bad Pharmacy School means more to her these days, or she would probably be riding around on a tour bus right now!

Go Vols!

Last Saturday was my first Vols game! Needless to say I was a tiny bit excited! I've tailgated before, but never been to an actual game. I'm not a "sporty" girl and know VERY little about football, so attending the actual game was never a priority. I had no idea what I was missing!

Jada, Carrie and Me
Rocking out our orange!

Best Friends FOREVER!

Just a little tailgating

Love these girls!