Monday, September 27, 2010

Dooley VS Dragons

This past Saturday our beloved Vols battled UAB......and when I say battled, I mean battled! All week whenever the upcoming game was mentioned, everyone said no problem....piece of cake......its in the in the bank. Yeah not so much! Basically it was a stress filled couple of hours. In the end after two overtimes, Dooley beat the dragons!

Cassie came to the game with us this week, and I was thrilled. Even though we only live about 10 minutes apart we still don't see each other a lot. Before she got married everybody told us that after the wedding we wouldn't be as close. I really couldn't see that since we are only 20 months apart and super close.......BUT......sadly it has turned out to be true. Our lives are just so busy these days! It was so nice to get to spend the afternoon with her! I love my sissy!
Three proud Vol fans!