Friday, November 28, 2008

The reception

Daddy & Cassie
This one makes me sad!
What a crew!

The adults were patiently waiting for cake.

The kids as you can see had already found the suckers, and could have cared less
about the cake!

Jalah & Hannah
They are in the same class at school, and also BFF!
It was great that they got to be in the wedding together.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Russell

Eat up!

Both mom's were worn out by Saturday night.

Mom, Cassie & Susie

Dance Dance Dance!

I don't know what Mandy & Travis told her, but she got really upset. I saw tears in her eyes. I think it was a good upset though, because I never heard anymore about it.

Cassie, Keegan & Josh

Cassie & Ethan
He is such a happy baby!

Cassie & her girls

Cassie & Lily

Cassie & Kayla
(BFF's since middle school)

Cassie & Hannah

Cassie & Katie

Cassie & Jalah
(Josh's cousin)

Cassie & Kristy

(Friends since birth)

Cassie & Kasi Brady

(Friend & Co-worker)

Cassie & Me
(Enough said)

Cassie & Johnna Russell

(Garrett's Wife)

Cassie & Sarah Beeman

(BFF's since middle school)

Getting ready.......

These are some pictures of us getting ready. Sorry if I have already posted some of these, but I am beginning to lose track! More posts to come so stay tuned!


Her hair fell out midway through the ceremony.
She was so disappointed

Lily, Hannah & Jalah

Check out this hair!
Aren't I lovely?
Tim loves this picture!
Look for it next June in the press, he says this will be
my birthday announcement!


Sarah & Kristy

Mama almost waited too long to get ready. She spent so much time getting Cassie ready I thought she would be walking down the asile in her pj's!

Sarah did Jalah's hair. It turned out so cute! For such a young girl she was very patient.

Cassie looked so pretty in her dress!

Mama looks like she is going to cry.


Kayla getting her make-up on.

Kasi making her long lashes even longer.

(I am so jealous)

Kristy getting pretty.

(she really doesn't need make- up for that)

Working on the garage

Here are some more pictures of the garage. Everytime Tim looks at these he gets more and more grateful that the construction is done. lol I am grateful too!

I am not sure what Tim's dad is doing, but it looks like hard work.

Poor Shawn. He volunteered to help, but I think he may have gotten the hardest jobs!

Tim looks like he is really working hard!
Yea right!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Having fun with the mac

Cassie has a mac computer. It has a built in camera on the screen. Tim and I had a little fun with it today while we were waiting to eat.  Tim wanted me to take the first one since he doesn't know what he looks like when he does his eyes like this. I personally think he looks like a freak! lol 

I have no idea what this look was about!

This one is so old. Tim still had hair! We took this when Cassie first got the mac.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Turkey Day

From my family to yours