Friday, November 28, 2008

The reception

Daddy & Cassie
This one makes me sad!
What a crew!

The adults were patiently waiting for cake.

The kids as you can see had already found the suckers, and could have cared less
about the cake!

Jalah & Hannah
They are in the same class at school, and also BFF!
It was great that they got to be in the wedding together.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Russell

Eat up!

Both mom's were worn out by Saturday night.

Mom, Cassie & Susie

Dance Dance Dance!

I don't know what Mandy & Travis told her, but she got really upset. I saw tears in her eyes. I think it was a good upset though, because I never heard anymore about it.

Cassie, Keegan & Josh

Cassie & Ethan
He is such a happy baby!