Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I just had to post this!

Okay so I saw this today and knew I had to post it! It describes me so well! Sorry to all you idiots that voted for Bush, but I pretty much HATE him! Have fun at the gas stations!!!!!!!!!

Is it Wednesday yet?

Every morning my daddy (mama too) always finds me before he leaves home to say bye. Yes I know I am 22 years old, but we still say bye and that we love each other every morning. Usually I am in the shower so I just hear him through a door, but sometimes I am actually running early and can talk to him. He always asks what I have on my plate for the day and the afternoon. On Wednesdays I always remind him that I get off work at 12 so if he needs something from Knoxville or somewhere I am able to get it. He always replies "oh yeah you have those bankers hours" and I can't help but laugh. I love Wednesdays! Sometimes Monday and Tuesday can be horrible so its nice to have some relief on Wednesday. It's kinda like a prep for Thursday and Friday. Every Wednesday morning I wake up thinking that I am coming straight back home to go straight to bed! The whole time I am in the shower I am reminding myself that I get to come home in 4 hours. However, no matter how hard I try, that never seems to happen. Lately gas has been so expensive that I just can't justify going home for a 2 or 3 hour nap only to have to come right back to town. My body has been missing those naps, and I am starting to wear thin on energy. Yes, I could go home right after work every other day of the week and catch up on my rest..........but I have other things on those days. So what am I to do? I need some suggestions on ways to up my energy............

Monday, September 29, 2008

I think this says it all.........

Bank Skanks

Saturday was a crazy day for me. I actually got to sleep in on a Saturday which has been a rare event lately. Later that evening I had some pictures made with my best friends! It was Me, Kristy, Paige, Tracy, Kelly and Sarah. We chose the park as our location and almost waited too late! When we got there everyone started staring at us. We were all dressed in black shirts and I guess we sorta looked like a mafia or something. I am not sure who said it, but someone said don't mind us we are just the bank skanks! I almost lost it! Seriously I thought I was going to wet myself! Kristy's aunt and cousin were our photographers and they were wonderful! They were so fun and laid back. We did some really cute poses and fun action shots. Hopefully we will have these soon and I can post some. If you are looking for someone to do pictures for you or your family I highly recommend her. Tim and I are going to have her take some pictures for Christmas! After the pictures we went to Hooters for dinner. I love fried pickles and have been craving them forever. Jordy and John met us there and we had a blast. All in all Saturday was a great day!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Ahhhhh I am sick! I have strep and really want to find a miracle pill that will take it away! I think with all the wedding stuff this past weekend I let my immune system get really low. On Sunday night my throat starting getting sore and so was Tim's. I also had this tiny rash on my arms and stomach. By Monday I had a fever and on Tuesday I went to the Dr. I have antibiotics now and feeling a little better. Hopefully I will be fever free by tomorrow and can go back to work (I miss my girls & Josh) I am sure my fans miss me! lol Anyway pray that I am better by Saturday for pictures.

More wedding pics

Shew Cassie's hair still had a long way to go.
Me & the girls. Check out lily there in the corner. She was watching the adults dance, and I could tell she really wanted to get out there.

We all really wanted the bouquet
Look at Lily's hair, it all fell out before the ceremony even started

Their honeymoon cabin
The reception cabin before the tables were set

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mr. & Mrs. Russell

Okay so I am officially a blog slacker, but I have a really great excuse! My sissy got married this past weekend! It trully was a fairy tale wedding including a harpist, horse & carriage and the perfect dress! They got married in Townsend (right outside Gatlinburg) at a farm called Sampson's Hollow. It was beautiful! The weather was perfect. We had rehearsal on Friday night about 7 p.m. I was a little worried about the sun for pictures on Saturday, but it was fine. All in all the day was great, even though I didn't catch the bouquet! I promise to post more pics as I get them.
My daddy all dressed up!
This was the saddest moment of the nite!
My Beautiful sister, she really was cinderella for a day!

Waiting patiently for Cassie and Daddy
Me & Lily.

She got kinda scared at the last minute so we decided to walk down together. She was the best flower girl ever! I was so proud of her!
Cassie in the tub. This was the claw foot tub in their honeymoon cabin. She looks so relaxed and calm, but actually she was just the opposite!

To everyone's surprise (including Cassie) Josh dipped her! Everyone cheered
Poor Lily she just couldn't stand the whole ceremony.
Daddy & Cassie

The prayers got through and no one fell!

Here comes the bride!!!!!!

Cake Time!

Please look at my face, Josh wasn't even heavy and I was dying!

Cassie looks so comfy!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hailey & Carter

Part of the reason I started blogging was to share my thoughts on daily life experiences. Today I was introduced to two precious babies. While I have never actually met Hailey or Carter I have spent a great deal of time reading about their sad diagonsis. I am not asking you to donate money (although they need a great deal) just time. Please read their stories and share them with others. The more people who know about this disease the better. Please visit their website http://www.haileyandcartersdream.com/ and forward it to others.

Labor Day 2008

As per our tradition we went four wheeling on Labor day. This was the best four wheeling trip we had been on all summer! There were only 5 of us that went, but we still had a blast! Jamie and Amanda came and brought the zipper (its really called a razor but Jordy, Tim & Omar call it a zipper) and Omar brought the Foreman! We went to Radar Mountain which is one of our favorite places to ride. There are some good (deep) mud holes there and a few high walls. Omar always seems to get stuck at Radar and this trip was no different. Tim was doing doughnuts at some point and cut a tire. The rest of the trip I rode with Omar and Tim drove down the mountain at minus 20 mph! lol It was a great day until the rain started. We were at the top of the mountain on our way back and I felt this horrible pain. It was rain drops smacking my face. The whole way down I rode with my head down. There's nothing like riding in the rain! Ahhhhh

Early in the day when my hair was still mud free!
Jamie & Amanda in the zipper.
Jamie, Amanda & Tim told Omar he was afraid to try this mud hole. So of course he went through it, well sort of. He got in the middle and high centered.
Jamie has a winch on the zipper so they pulled him right out

Jamie stopped and wouldn't let Omar around until he agreed to go through the mud. Jamie kept saying "I have a winch we will get you out" It took about 10 minutes and Amanda calling him a funny name and he was ready to go!
Awww I know mushy, but I love him!
Amanda waiting patiently for Jamie to pull Omar out of the mud

This is a funny pic. Sometimes when we are riding the boys will get up beside another four wheeler and us girls will reach over and pull the kill switch on the other four wheeler. Its absolutely the funniest thing when you do it to Omar. He gets fighting mad and comes back with revenge in mind! Big time! You can see Amanda in this pic hanging out of the zipper and Omar blocking her hand! Keep in mind we are in motion and going full speed when we do this. It's kinda like hitting a brick wall. Not the best feeling!
Lunch Time! Tim couldn't get the cooler open fast enough. We had lunch a little later than usual and he was starving.

Omar leading the way. We were drafting like Dale Jr.

This was when he was high centered.
I love this face! He kept yelling "where's that winch now"