Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sarah Palin attempts to explain Paul Revere

Reason 198562487294569265 why Sarah Palin needs to NEVER leave her home and why she should NOT home school her children! 

E card humor
Haven't heard of it? You are missing out! 
These cards are all over Pinterest these days and it's sad to me how many apply to my life! 

Yes I am one of those people who scour the clearance sections of Target for deals. 
What can I say I am a bargain hunter!  

If you follow me on Pinterest then this needs no caption. 

I absolutely believe this statement to be true. 

These three describe the last few weeks at work for me. 
I'm irritated by the sheer number of people who just don't want to work. 

Oh Sarah please see this!!!! 

Bahahahahaha I find myself saying this quite often. 
Unfortunately my Pinterest projects rarely end up like the picture.  

Wild man!

Tate hasn't quite mastered the art of vacuuming just yet. He has however mastered the art of being the cutest little boy around. He has been a huge handful so far this weekend, but how can you not love a face like that! 
Happy Friday!  

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday

It's that time again and today I am thankful that this woman didn't make it to the White House. 
A little out of the blue? Not really. I have DirecTV and if you have it too then you know when you move they give you incentives. I chose the HBO/Starz package and with that came HBO's movie Game Change. Now let me take a break here and say that I am a bleeding heart liberal Democrat. Doesn't mean that I hate all Republicans or that I support everything that a Democrat says. That being said here is what I want you to know about Game Change. It's a movie. Yes it has facts, but I am sure its dramatized to keep the viewer attention. Do I think this is exactly what the election was like for Sarah Palin? No. I think it was close and even Nicolle Wallace (Sarah's former handler and speech writer also former director of communications at the White House in the Bush administration) said that it was real enough to make her squirm.  Like any other movie based on a true story its not the complete truth. This movie (whether meant to or not) actually made me feel some sympathy for her.

I've watched this movie twice in the month and a half that its been on my DVR and the more I watch the more thankful I become that she isn't sitting in the V.P. chair. I'm troubled by the fact that she wasn't vetted properly, that she didn't know why North Korea and South Korea were different countries, thought Africa was a country and not a continent, couldn't explain what the FED is or what they do, etc.......the list really does go on. This wasn't my original TT post that I had planned for today, but........

I saw this picture on Pinterest.....

Reality....check. Sarah Palin v Hilary Clinton

....and immediately thought Thank God we dodged that bullet!  

One Minute

Y'all know I LOVE my DVR. With all that goes on in my normal day remembering what day and time a show is on isn't a priority. So to whomever invented the DVR I say THANK YOU!!!! Anyway the other great thing about this lovely contraption is that I can keep shows for as long as I want. I take advantage of that option often especially late at night when sleep eludes me!  

ABC really had my attention last winter. Once Upon A Time, GCB AND Scandal were my favorites. GCB didn't get a second season but OUAT and Scandal did! So in honor of that I wanted to share my most favorite scene from Scandal. If you aren't familiar with Scandal let me give you the background. Olivia (Liv) worked on Gov. Grant's Presidential campaign. Somewhere along the way they fell in love. Now Liv works for herself as a "fixer" in D.C. and Gov. Grant (Fitz) is now President Grant. Liv and Fitz have a "one minute" thing that they do and I love it! Come on second season! 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Thankful Thursday on Friday

Once again the days have gotten away from me and I missed TT. 
Hey one day late is better than I've been doing! Ha!
Today I am thankful for my parents and the fact that they have been married for 35 years today!
In today's world marriages don't last 3 to 5 years much less 35. My parents are amazing and I couldn't make it without them! Happy Anniversary Mama and Daddy! I love you! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Off the grid

It's Wednesday, which around here on this blog is suppose to be wordless Wednesday, but not today. Today is the first day I have had a minute to myself. So I thought it was as good a time as any to catch up. For many reasons I took a blog holiday. It wasn't planned, but these days life is crazy. Work, family, friends, new house, new puppy.......things add up. After Tate's party it was time to work on the house. Painting has been on the schedule most nights since. I'm attempted one room at a time, but its taking a LONG time. Each room has to be primed so that isn't helping. Then a storm came through and I woke up to find a tree in my backyard. Oh top of all that Raleigh is still trying to get the hang of potty training. She is doing MUCH better, but its still a learning process. Apparently the 4th of July is now a week long event.......or at least in my neighborhood. Fireworks were still being shot last night around midnight. Add in a co-worker that doesn't want to work and its been a crazy couple of days. Instead of dwelling on the craziness and getting lost in all the things I currently cannot change I am choosing to look toward the future. Like next week...... that is already filling up! 

Happy Wednesday! 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Tate turns one!

This post contains TONS of pictures. 

Saturday was party day for Mr. Tate. He had a blast!
Cassie and Mom did an AMAZING job with all the food and decorations. It was quite a party, but you only turn one once. 

Cassie made all the cupcakes (about 200) and iced them. This was the kids table. Cassie had all of Tate's favorites out to share with his friends. I didn't get a picture of the adult food, but it was just as yummy. Again Mom and Cassie out did themselves. 

This was the look he gave me when I told him all his friends were coming to play at his house! 
He was really excited! 

Sweet boy! 

Sporting his Polkadaises shirt. 

His Magpies cake. 
If you are from East TN chances are you have heard/had a magpies cake. 
They are delish! 

Ready to eat!

This is my gift. I have had this car put up for him for over a year. When Cassie first found out she was pregnant I found this on for $30. It's normally $70 so I went ahead and bought it. I'm glad I did. He LOVES it! 

Cake time! 

Yum Yum!

After the food and cake and presents it was time to go outside. 
Now keep in mind we have had some record temps this week and the weekend was no different. It was well over 100 degrees Saturday so some water time was needed. My Dad bought a sprinkler for the kiddos to play in. They LOVED it!  And of course the new playset. Thank goodness it was done in time. It only took 4 6 people 3 weeks to construct it! 

Party Favors! 

 Mama and her Birthday Boy!


Aunt Tippy and the Birthday Boy!

By this time he was exhausted and ready for everyone to leave his new toys alone! 

What a difference a year makes! 


This little girl and I have a love/hate relationship these days! I love her sweet face, but not when its in mine at 3 A.M. Raleigh thinks she needs to sleep on my head and snore and have nightmares that end with a swift kick to some part of my body. Lately those wake up calls have been way too early for me. Somehow she has discovered how to get out of her kennel. I don't trust her to be out roaming around with no supervision so when I got home last night and saw her running around the living room.......I was less than thrilled. Thankfully she hadn't had any accidents inside!