Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Country life

Ahhhhh gotta love living in the country!
For Father's Day my Dad wanted a new road on our property. We have the top half where the house and his garage are, and then the lower half that is just wooded. The new road branches off the current driveway down into the woods. Eventually my parents are planning to build a house.
I thought a road was an odd Father's Day request, but it was his day and thats what he wanted. So bright and early Monday the workers came to cut the new road. I just love the sound of a bull dozer in the morning! (Note to self this living at home thing at 24 may be free, but it's losing it's appeal)
Around lunch time I heard a knock at the door. I opened it to see one of the workers holding this......

Yikes! This is the fourth snake we have killed this year. This sweet old man wanted to know if he could have the rattlers. I insisted that he take the whole thing! hahhahahahaha

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A pictures is worth a thousand words

I've been a terrible blogger lately! 6 months without a post is unacceptable!
Since I don't have about 8 hours right now to update you on the last few months I thought I would post some pictures instead. More to come I promise!

This is my best friend from kindergarten!
Yes we are still friends and speak daily!

Me & Miss Carrie a.k.a. C Love

This was taken at Relay for Life.
Of course it rained again this year, so I busted out the rainboots!

Dinner with C Love

Jada & Juicy's B-day Bash!

Rocking out!

C Love & I at Stacy's wedding

Beautiful bride Stacy!!!

Hanging out on the lake!

Relay for Life

Jacob was having a blast playing in the puddles........ I decided to join him!

That's what rainboots are for.....right?

Awww I love these girls!

Paging Dr. Owen!

Dr. Owen is ready to practice!
Who wouldn't love a shot from the cutest 3 year old in Tennessee!

Olivia Reese

Yes it's been almost 6 months since I have blogged, but I have good reasons! Which I will tell y'all about later today. Right now though I want to introduce you to my new cousin, Olivia Reese. Olivia almost shared a birthday with me, but waiting just a few hours too long.
Her big brother Owen calls her reese cup. He's only 3, but super smart! Last night he said that she is really really "wittle" right now, but in a few days he is going to let her ride on his motorcycle! I said yes Owen just a few days. hahahahaha

Me & Olivia


Hmmmmm deep thinking

Hello world!

Happy Birthday
Olivia Reese
June 5th, 2010