Thursday, June 17, 2010

A pictures is worth a thousand words

I've been a terrible blogger lately! 6 months without a post is unacceptable!
Since I don't have about 8 hours right now to update you on the last few months I thought I would post some pictures instead. More to come I promise!

This is my best friend from kindergarten!
Yes we are still friends and speak daily!

Me & Miss Carrie a.k.a. C Love

This was taken at Relay for Life.
Of course it rained again this year, so I busted out the rainboots!

Dinner with C Love

Jada & Juicy's B-day Bash!

Rocking out!

C Love & I at Stacy's wedding

Beautiful bride Stacy!!!

Hanging out on the lake!

Relay for Life

Jacob was having a blast playing in the puddles........ I decided to join him!

That's what rainboots are for.....right?

Awww I love these girls!