Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bubbles N Puddles Photography

My wonderful friend Chantena is another local photographer who will be co-hosting a giveaway with me. Her inspiration comes from her adorable daughter miss Milan!

Chantena will be offering a free session to the winner. Prints can be purchased at an additional cost.

Same rules apply with Chantena as with Jess when it comes to gaining extra entries.

This session can take place here in Campbell county or in Anderson County.
Winner will be drawn on October 7th. Just in time for Halloween sessions!!!
Good luck to all!

Reflections by Jess

I want ya'll to meet a new friend of mine, Jess. She is a Knoxville Photographer with an awesome eye. Jess has agreed to be a part of my new giveaway series featuring local photographers. The winner of this giveaway will recieve a free session with Jess inside the Knox county area. The specific location is up to you. I will draw the winner on September 30th.
This giveaway only covers the session fee, not prints. If you wish to order prints from this session you will have to purchase them.
Extra entries will be given to any new follower, one per friend referral, and also if you book a session with Jess (between now and September 30th) I will add you an additional 5 times. Remember all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on THIS post!
So hop on over to her site and see her awesome work........


I should probably start this post with an apology to all of my out-of-town followers. The next couple of giveaways won't be available to you.

This type of giveaway has been on my to do list for quite some time so I am really happy to be able to finally roll them out.

Stay tuned................

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Return of the giveaways

So many of you have asked when I am planning another giveaway. Good news! I have a few in the works right now. Hopefully I will have one to post tomorrow or Friday at the latest. So stay tuned!!!! I am really excited about these!

Also a couple of you have asked if I would consider featuring one of your items as a giveaway. Yes, I would love to help you gain exposure. For those of you who are interested just send me a picture of the item and a short description. You can also include a short description about you and how you got started making these items. This is optional. Please remember that as the seller you are responsible for paying shipping costs of your item to the winner. Once the winner is drawn I will contact them, then it is their responsibility to contact you with their shipping address.

I look forward to seeing all the creations ya'll have.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What a day

It has been an extremely hard day. I knew that it would be. Today would have been 4 years for me and Tim. Now there's a name you haven't seen on the blog in a while huh? Yes, I knew this day was coming and yes I knew it would be hard.

I wish I could tell ya'll about the events leading up to today, but I can't. Not right now anyway. Just know that last night was tough and had absolutely nothing to do with Tim or our almost anniversary. So tough that I may never talk about it. So why bring it up? Because this is my blog and I will write as much or as little about any subject that I choose. Harsh I know, but true. (By the way....keep your nasty comments to yourself today....NO promises I won't come back with more than you bargain for!)

Actually I am posting to ask for prayer. Not for me (even though Lord knows I need quite a few), B's grandfather is sick and he needs your prayers. I would consider it a personal favor if ya'll could find a minute to pray for him, and sure if you have another minute add my name in there.

A couple of days ago I posted on my Facebook status that my life was finally drama free. Oh how I wish I hadn't done that. Maybe I tempted fate, but drama seems to have reared its ugly head once again. When oh when will my life be totally free from drama and issues.......oh yea I know.....NEVER. I get is full of drama.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Friendly Tip

I am sure that most of you are like me and love ETSY. Do any of you pay with money orders? What about United States Postal money orders? If so this tip is for you.............STOP!
In one of my many work emails this morning I was told about SEVERAL counterfeit USPS money orders that have turned up in our branches. Apparently they are the easiest type to reproduce.
This goes for sellers as well. Be careful when accepting these as payment. Once you cash or deposit them they become your responsibility. When they come back bad it will be you paying the charges.
Take it from your banker friend isn't worth it all the hassle!

Weekend in pictures

How sweet..... I didn't know what he had at first!!!

Big E

Still here

Did ya'll think I had given up on the blog world????? Promise I haven't....just been really really busy. B is home this weekend and only for the weekend, so we have tried to pack as much in as possible. Speaking of packing....he didn't start packing until the morning he left. Ahhhh boys are such last minute creatures!!!!
Anyway I do have lots and lots of pictures to post.....just not right now. Instead I will give you a quick summary............................
Friday was a normal Friday at work. Busy busy busy. By the time 5 p.m. rolled around I felt like I had been run over by a bus. Friday was Paige's birthday, so Kristy and I decided to be awesome friends and cook dinner for her........ummm not such a great idea. Poor Paige I feel like we will owe her every year from now on. B was super sweet and tried hard to eat it...........
Saturday morning came way too early and it was off to work.....again. This was my fourth Saturday in a row! Thank goodness I am off this Saturday....and then back on for two more. Shew we really need to look into this being open on Saturdays stuff. After work Kristy and I had huge plans that involved naps. Of course as usual our plans were shattered and no nap was had by either of us. Instead she highlighted my hair and then we headed to the mountains!!!!!!
It was so nice to just be a passenger on this trip. Don't get me wrong I love our girls only trips, but it was nice to know that if we had gotten stuck it wouldn't be just us getting "unstuck". I will post pictures later, but if you can't wait check out my facebook. The trip was awesome and full of unexpected events.
Today was such a great day to lay around. I miss church on Sundays, but after this busy weekend I was glad for a day to relax. B met one of his friends for an "outdoor day" and I rested. We are headed to the park later so everyone (minus me & Paige) can play basketball. I am planning on watching from the sidelines with my camera in hand. I am sure to have some fun pictures to share later so check back.
Tomorrow is back to work. Why do the weeks last so long and the weekends end so quick?
Check back for pictures..............................................

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I heart North Face

Anybody in love with North Face as much as I am???? Ya'll can credit B for introducing me to this all their awesome deals. The whole site is odd. Apparently the website changes the deal of the day every 10 minutes or so. Once an item is sold out they move on to the next one.

Earlier I found a blue North Face that I honestly fell in love with. What me liking blue????? I know I know, but I did. Too bad that my size was already sold out. Oh well maybe next time.

I have a feeling I will be addicted to this website very very soon!!! Thanks B!!!!
Check out the North Face shoes I am looking for!!!!!

Alexis and her giveaway

My blog friend Alexis is having her very own blog giveaway. Head on over and enter....I am on my way there now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rock the Rafters

Keith Urban and Sugarland are coming to Knoxville next Friday!!! Am I going? Nope......I have a prior the tickets are $75 each. Sorry but I really don't like either of them enough to cancel my plans or pay that. Now if it were Rod Stewart or somebody cool like that we might talk. Ha Ha My mama is a huge Rod fan and so am I. I have always heard that whatever you listen to while you are pregnant will rub off on the baby. That rings true in my case!!!!!
Anyway WIVK has tickets on sale today from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. for $20. They are calling this promotion Rock the Rafters. The name says it all. Pretty sure Keith is going to look like an ant to anyone who purchases one of these tickets....still you will be in the same arena with him!
So if you are anywhere remotely close to good ole K-town or will be next Friday head on over to to purchase tickets. Have fun!!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Welcome Grayson Bray

Meet Mr. Grayson Bray
I love his name. Bray is such a cute middle name.
I can't wait to meet and hold this little man!

What would a post be without a picture of miss pretty?
Sorry for the phone
Preslee's grin makes me grin!!!
I heart miss pretty!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trippin out

I have serious concerns about people who do not enjoy traveling. How on Earth can they just sit at home all the time? Can't they see the enjoyment in traveling? Clearly they have never traveled with me........or maybe they have!! Ha Ha I promise taking a trip with me isn't that bad......
Our economy may be going down the drain, but..................I am still going to travel!!!
Kristy and I are in the process of planning a trip to Ohio in September to celebrate Octoberfest. How odd is it that Octoberfest is celebrated in September? I haven't been to Ohio in about 5 years. Even then I was only there for Hannah's cheerleading competition, so I didn't get to do too much. I love ya Hannah, but Tippy wants a NO SCHEDULE visit to Ohio. I am really looking forward to just doing whatever. No set times to be anywhere or any time limits. Shopping is another part of the trip I am looking forward to. B can't believe how much I shop. I can't believe how much he likes camo. Maybe we are even............
B and I are also going to Birmingham for Labor day weekend. Well we think we are.....thats the plan......we'll see. B's best friend and his family live in Birmingham so we are gonna go visit. I have heard talks of a fishing tip. Let's hope that I do not have to attend this excursion. Hopefully, Mandy and I can go shopping instead. They have the most adorable little man ever, and I can't wait to get my hands on him. They also just found out that he is going to be a big brother.......... I see baby shopping in the near future!!! What's better than buying for a baby?
This will be my first trip to Birmigham. Do I have any blog followers with the inside scoop? What about Octoberfest????? Do you know somewhere that we just have to eat? A place we can't leave Ohio without visiting? Let me know.
In the meantime I am going to keep planning, packing and oh by the way.........B comes home in 10 days!!!!!!!!!
I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Luke!!!

I can't believe Luke is 1 already!! It seems like just yesterday when Paige brought him home. He has grown so much over the past year. Paige had his birthday party this week. This was my first "doggie" birthday party. I think you can see from the pictures that we all had a great time..........check out Luke's birthday cake!
Happy Birthday Luke!!!!

Luke really liked his birthday cake.....
....he even blew out the candle!!!

Birthday Boy

Reece Ann was a little too busy eating to party

Get me out of here aunt Paige!!!!

Josh got a quick smile from her!

Oh no Pres look who mommy has!!!!

Kristy and Rebecca did a quick baby switch!
Reece is one month older than pres. She is much lighter, but has much more hair.

They didn't know what to think about each other, it was too sweet

My mama said that Reece Ann looks like I did when I was her age. I think she could pass for mine.....what do you folks think????????

Pres didn't care that Kristy had Reece, because she was getting just as much attention from Rebecca!!!!

Poor Paige she is always cleaning. I feel bad that we always have cookouts at her house....but she swears that she loves it.

I got to bond with Reece Ann a little myself............she is just precious!!! I think her mommy and daddy need to have a date night and let Aunt Tiff babysit. (hint hint Rebecca)

Kristy and Joshy
Poor Josh......he had to have blood work done the next morning so he couldn't eat after 6. I wish ya'll could have seen him.....he was so sad.

The babies perked him up really quickly though!!!!
Reece wasn't too interested, but Pres really wanted to show off her tongue!!!!!

Smile Reece Ann!!!

Smile Preslee!!

mama and her birthday boy

Partying really wore Josh and Pres out. They took a short nap!

Pres is smiling more and more everyday. Her little personality is starting to show through. What a happy baby!!!

Paige enjoying some awesome ice cream cake

Careful Josh don't make her mad.......she may just kick you in the mouth!


Check out the mad face