Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What a day

It has been an extremely hard day. I knew that it would be. Today would have been 4 years for me and Tim. Now there's a name you haven't seen on the blog in a while huh? Yes, I knew this day was coming and yes I knew it would be hard.

I wish I could tell ya'll about the events leading up to today, but I can't. Not right now anyway. Just know that last night was tough and had absolutely nothing to do with Tim or our almost anniversary. So tough that I may never talk about it. So why bring it up? Because this is my blog and I will write as much or as little about any subject that I choose. Harsh I know, but true. (By the way....keep your nasty comments to yourself today....NO promises I won't come back with more than you bargain for!)

Actually I am posting to ask for prayer. Not for me (even though Lord knows I need quite a few), B's grandfather is sick and he needs your prayers. I would consider it a personal favor if ya'll could find a minute to pray for him, and sure if you have another minute add my name in there.

A couple of days ago I posted on my Facebook status that my life was finally drama free. Oh how I wish I hadn't done that. Maybe I tempted fate, but drama seems to have reared its ugly head once again. When oh when will my life be totally free from drama and issues.......oh yea I know.....NEVER. I get it....life is full of drama.


Kimberly said...

I'll pray for you both. I just passed an anniversary like that. Sad and a waste, but I focus on how God has not left me alone and HE will always be here :)

B.E.A said...

I hope your day looks up. I'll keep your friend's grandpa and you in my prayers!

t.l.wilson said...

I'll pick you in my prayers, honey. You know you can always call me is you need to. I love ya.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Hope you have a better day...enjoyed reading your blog..

Cassie said...

Tiff, you know you can come to me. I'm your sister! Call me! I'm worried about you! I love you.