Saturday, August 1, 2009

Coupon Crazy

I missed frugal Friday yesterday so to make up for it here is a super money saving secret of mine. is a huge money saver. Ya'll may not be as coupon crazy as I am, but I am betting that you will find at least one coupon that you love!

Wow- Coupons is a collection of printable and online coupon codes. These coupons are not limited to retail. They also offer travel coupons, online and mail in rebates, grocery coupons and even restaurant coupons.
I know I have told ya'll about the site before, but I really love it!!!
Be sure to check expiration dates before printing.
Happy Shopping!!!


Christy said...

I made a coupon holder even though I really don't use coupons but it was so dang cute I had to make one!