Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Be kind to your banker!!!!

I have been in banking for 5 years now. Over those 5 years I have learned quite a bit. I have learned that working with the public has major drawbacks. I have learned that the customer isn't always right, but always think they are. I have learned that no matter how many times you tell a customer something, they usually don't remember it long enough to repeat it back.
My job isn't all bad..........I happen to like my job. I don't love it, but I like it. Who loves their job though really?????? Ok well maybe you stay at home moms love your job!
This post is a warning. I am giving you folks some valuable advice for your next trip to the bank. If you want your next banking experience to be a pleasant one just follow these simple steps:
1. If making a deposit, have a deposit slip. Tellers are human. We can write account numbers down wrong. Mistakes happen. If you have your slip with your account number on it, no issue!!! Speaking of account numbers............

2. Know your account #!!!!!! Expecting your teller to know your number is absurd. It's your account, your number and your money...........you figure it out!

3. Don't scream at your teller if your account is in the negative. I can promise it will not make them want to find the problem any quicker. Blaming them won't help either.

4. Don't make a loud scene in your teller's window. They won't help you any faster or nicer!! You throw a fit in my window and I promise you will not like the result. I don't care how loud ya scream, you are the one looking bad. If I make a mistake (and yes it happens) I will apologize and fix the error. If you continue to scream it will result in a first class ticket to my supervisor's office. Where it (as long as I/the bank are in the right) will not end with us "making it up to you"

5. Don't accuse your teller/bank of stealing your money when clearly you are abusing your debit card.

6. Fill out your deposit slip. Handing your teller a wad of cash and an blank dep slip isn't going to thrill her. If you don't know how to fill out a dep slip......ASK!!!! Believe me I would rather show you once as to fill it out 100 + times. Also this is a security issue. Tellers can get in trouble with auditors for writing on customers paperwork.

7. Don't bring in 50 + of your friends to cash their checks, then get mad when those checks are bad. Please realize that if those checks come back bad, they go against you and your account. Tell your friends to open their own accounts.

8. Drive through means just that......drive through. Don't have 10 transactions in the drive through. Your fellow drive throughers (not a word) will thank you!!!

9. Telling me your sad sob story so I will cash a check on your negative account won't work!!!

10. Asking me to lie to your spouse about where their paycheck is going isn't a great idea. It's all too easy for me to print out your account activity. Sorry gals, I like to shop as much as the next one, but I need my job and paycheck to shop. Lying for you will only get me fired and then no one can shop.

And my favorite............................asking for your balance isn't too swell of an idea. Yes here and there is ok, but calling daily to ask isn't. That's why checkbooks have registers. Just write it down and subtract!!!! Note: most bank (including mine) have online and telephone banking. Just wanted to throw that out there.

Can ya'll tell I have had a bad day? I know this post seems a bit harsh. In my defense it should! I am not asking for much. Common sense goes a long way! Forgive me girls I really am a nice person, I just loose it sometimes. Ha Ha!
Moral of the story?
Be kind to your banker.........they have your money!!!!!


Leslie said...

too cute!

My mom was a teller for 25 years!

Alexis said...

Jared used to be a bank teller. I bet you two could get together and "vent" for a long time! You should hear some of his stories! Some of them are really funny!

Jen and Rob said...

Hope it gets better! Great tips!

Kimberly said...

I may avoid the bank like the plague, but I am nice when I'm there!