Monday, January 26, 2009

Ummmm scratch that

Sorry Kristy's party is on Wednesday the 28th at 6 p.m.

Premier Jewelry

Kristy is having a jewelry party tomorrow afternoon. If you are interested in some new spring/summer jewels let me know. She has some books here at the bank. If you need directions to her party call me.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Jordy being Jordy!

How nice David was dusting him off!
What a friend!

Megan was showing him that she got his fall on film too!

Bless his heart (not really) I know that had to hurt.

It was solid ice

Ha Ha Tim Fell!

Where were they running off to?

Better yet what was chasing them?

The F-250


I Love Him!

Tim was running to his truck so he could blow black smoke on the snow!

Where was Megan's coat?

Tim looks like he is in pain!

Not sure where David's coat was, but he didn't seem to need it

I love David's face! He was trying to tell me something, but I just kept snapping away!

Can you spot Megan?

She was hanging out the window to take our picture

This one is kinda blurry, but that's what happens when the driver is talking on the phone, and driving in SNOW!

Caryville Mountain

This vechicle was "stuck" so David got out and talked him through it.

Cassie's Session

This was the first of many sessions for Cassie. I already made her promise to be one of my practice models! These pictures look way better printed on glossy paper. My blog doesn't do them justice. It was the coldest day of the year, but Cassie was a real trooper! These are some of my favorites.

This one looks better after I photoshopped the shadow out!

Beech Fork Basketball

A couple of weeks ago our church youth group got together for a basketball game. We had promised the boys if they would be in the Christmas play we would reward them. They chose a basketball game as their reward. Little did they know the adults would have as much fun as them.
Tim is very competitive and come to find out Shawn is too! It must be a family thing. Anyway by the end of the two hours most everyone was sweating, out of breath (more like out of shape) and starving!

Lily did really good, considering she had two games that morning.

Tim was giving Jacob some "advice"

Tim finally got to wear his basketball shoes on a basketball court

Emily was having fun too!

Hannah's shirt says it all!
Look at Leah's face!

Too many basketballs going at one time!
I was getting dizzy!

Leah didn't know what to think.

She could barely lift the basketballs!


This is my new baby, Elly, she is adorable!
Flash doesn't fully love her like I do, but she is growing on him.
Hopefully she will turn out to be a good coon dog for Tim.

Tim's "Accident"

Tim always makes fun of me when I get hurt! So when he almost "broke" his foot a couple of nights ago, I grabbed my camera instead of a band-aid. You would have thought he was killed! I did feel bad for him after I actually saw his "boo boo."