Tuesday, January 31, 2012

TV Time!

This post is mainly for me to be able to go back and see what I was interested in at this time.
Probably entirely boring to anyone else! Ha!

The Walking Dead is currently my favorite TV show. I absolutely love it! It comes back on Feb 12th and I cannot wait.
Once Upon A Time is also quickly becoming a fav! I love this new take on old storybook tales.

Hell on Wheels!!!!!!!! It's probably because of my Dad that I love westerns so much.
This show has amazing actors and a really interesting story line.

Who doesn't love some teen mama drama. Ha!
Okay I have to admit these girls do get on my nerves with some of their antics, BUT I just can't stop watching. It's like a train wreck!

Mike and Molly make my Monday nights so much better!
I love these two! Can't wait for their wedding!

Oh Sheldon! I love the Big Bang boys......and Penny too. These guys are too funny!
Sheldon is my fav!

Okay I know this show was filmed in the 80's, BUT I absolutely love it!
I figure since I am a product of the 80's its okay that i'm still watching it in 2012.
If you know me at all then you know Julia is my favorite because of her politics!

I think I can........I think I can......

Dear Pinterest,

You are draining my checking account.


Haha! Seriously though Pinterest is really making me feel more crafty than I actually am. Right now I am really into making wreaths.

I have already made one like this for Valentines Day.
It turned out ok, but its missing something. Not sure what yet.

This is my next project.
The tutorial says you need lots of ribbon and lots of different patterns.
It also says it takes lots and lots of time.
Hopefully I will have one done by spring!

I really really like this one.
So far I haven't been brave enough to try it.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I am absolutely addicted to the Big Bang Theory! Of course Sheldon is my favorite with Raj a close second. Thanks to TBS and my tivo I have episodes waiting for me every night. Yes I realize how that boring that makes me sound. No I don't care. I am just that boring! Ha!

Monday, January 2, 2012


It's a new year and that means new changes. I'm not one of those people who is going to make 30 resolutions and keep none of them. I'm going to make one.........Plan.
If you've read any of my blog in the past you've seen how much of a planner I am. It can be a double edged sword at times, but this year I want to plan for the future. Hopefully if all goes well I will start 2013 debt free and with a safety net.

Oh and notice that whole read 100 books in a year thing didn't work out...........I'm still trying.

Happy New Year!