Friday, January 29, 2010

Son of '93

Note*****This is sort of a hodge podge of randomness. Sorry for the length of the post and lack of pictures, but it's been a crazy week!

If you are from east Tennessee then you know about the blizzard of '93. The snowstorm that is sweeping our region tonight is being called "The Son of '93" and its starting to live up to its name. Nashville already has 6 inches and we have 2 1/2. If you are a blog stalker of mine then you know that my dad works for TDOT (Tennessee Department of Transportation) and has to salt the roads when it snows. I hate that he has to be out in this cold weather, but thank goodness he only has 2 years until he retires! Believe me we are counting down the days!

Anyway he hasn't been home for more than 3 hours in the last 3 days. I am clearly not happy about it. If you are one of my facebook friends then you saw that earlier on my status. I know that lots of you pray for a white Christmas, blizzards and building snowman with your children........but when I pray its for my dad's saftey. Not just his, but for anyone who has to be out in it. People don't realize what amount of work it takes to keep the interstate open. Preparation starts days in advance and isn't completed in one day.

This snowstorm couldn't have come at a worse time. Cassie and Josh moved into their new house this week. The process started 4 months ago, and because of her idiot mortgage company they just closed on Wednesday. Then at her closing on Wednesday at 3 p.m. she finds out that she has to be out of her apartment by Monday. Okay okay no biggie right? I mean thats 6 days right? Well 5 if you don't count Sunday, and then 3 if you factor in the pending snowstorm. I had been with her at the apartment a couple of hours Tuesday night and all day Wednesday packing. We had a box truck and another truck with a trailer, plus her car and my car. We would just load as much as possible and take at least 2 loads each. Sounds simple enough right? WRONGO! Turns out that the seller "accidentally" had the electricticity turned off.......on Wednesday! So at 4 p.m. Cassie and Josh go see if they can get it turned back on......nope everyone had went home. So we pretty much went into panic mode trying to get all the trucks loaded and not break anything. Finally, we made it to the dark.....only to realize that their heat doesn't work without electricity! It was freezing in there! Honestly I could see my breath! Somehow Josh and his awesome cousin managed to get the washer and dryer in with only a flashlight.

Bright and early Thursday I headed to knoxville. We had our 2010 Relay for Life kickoff reception Thursday night, and I had my awesome cousin make us some desserts. Heather did an awesome job and everyone bragged about her neat little chocolate cups filled with mousse. Check out her website for the details. Anyway after a quick trip to Toyota of Knoxville for an oil change, a chat with Heather and picking up the desserts, and stopping for a venti white chocolate mocha at Starbucks........I headed back for the reception.

This year our reception had the biggest turn out yet. It was so encouraging to see so many new faces all pumped about cancer research. This year is going to be the best Relay yet!

After the reception I headed to Cassie's apartment to help her pack....pack.....pack! With the snowstorm rapidly approaching we were all in full on work mode. I must have made 400 trips up and down her apartment stairs. Oh and let me take a minute to say that I will NEVER have stairs in my house. Back to the move........... Thankfully when we arrived at the new house the power was on and so was the heat!!!!! Thank you God! Since we were running short on time I stayed inside and organized boxes as they were brought in.......ya'll should see my muscles! Ha Ha!

Mom was super worried that Cassie and Josh would starve this weekend if they got snowed in. Sooooo being the awesome and thoughtful mom that she is, she headed to Wal-mart to stock their fridge. How sweet was that. I wish I had a picture of Cassie's face when she saw mom carrying in those bags. It was priceless. Imagine being totally stressed out, moving into your first home, not knowing where anything is because you yourself didn't bring it in, it's 11 o'clock at night, you and your husband have to work the next day, and then you realize that your brand new refrigerator is empty..........oh and add in a snowstorm!

Sooooooo at 1 a.m. this morning Mom and I finally rolled in our driveway. Around 2 a.m. I poured myself into bed feeling more tired than I have ever in my entire life.....but it was worth it. We managed to get everything out of the apartment, and into the new house. Now granted nothing is where it needs to be, but at least they are moved in and have food. That's all that matters.

I promise that pictures are on their way. My camera is at Cassie's. I thought she may want to capture her moving moments.

Please say a prayer for my daddy and all the others out working in this mess. Thanks in advance!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lame Kiffin

Yep you read right! I meant to type Lame instead of Lane! Why you ask? Well while I was watching my most favorite show ever (NCIS) it was rudely interrupted with the breaking news that Lane Kiffin has resigned as the head coach of our beloved vols.

Believe me the Vol Nation is not happy tonight. Facebook is going crazy with people joining all kinds of groups, saying not so nice things, and even circulating his actual home address around.

Being a sports guru is not a character trait of mine. I can't say that I jumped on the "lane train" at any point in the 14 months that he has been here, but I did think he was going to do great things for us. Guess not!

So I am missing an episode of Little Miss Perfect to watch a press conference. Why? I don't really know. Just nosy I guess. He isn't allowing cameras to be present in press conference. Ummmmm what? Is that allowed? Can he really just drop this bomb on our program and then continue to control everything?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ahhhh Tennessee

For those of you who aren't lucky enough to live in the great state of Tennessee, I thought I would share some of what we have to offer! (sorry some of the pictures uploaded twice, not sure what happened)

Gus's Restaurant
Market Square

Tennessee Aquarium
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Sapphire Bar
Gay Street
Market Square
Yee- Haw
Market Square

Clingman's Dome

A clothing store in Market Square
all originals

World's Fair Park
I played here lots as a child
Actually I fell in that water once!

Snow Snow go away come again......never!

It's snowing........and I hate it! I can't understand people who actually wish for snow. Why on earth do these people want to be stuck at home without electricity! Ok ok I know I know not everyone gets stuck and not everyone looses power......but here in the valley things are a little different.

Backroads up the valley are the last ones to be cleaned, and we are normally the last ones to have our power turned back on. Even though my dad works for the state and cleans the roads during snows, he can't clean ours. Apparently it would be a crime for a state worker to clean a county road. Go figure!

So I am home. Bored. Having the world wide web at my fingertips isn't enough to hold my attention tonight. Actually my bed is calling my name. I went ahead and showered just in case we don't have power or water tomorrow. I can't stand the thoughts of not taking a bath everyday. So today I took two. LOL I couldn't be a contestant on Survivor. No cell phone, laptop, tv, ipod, DAILY SHOWER........nope couldn't do it!

Please keep my dad in your prayers tonight! He has been out since 6 a.m. this morning and probably won't be able to come home until regular quitting time tomorrow which is 4:30 p.m. And that's only if it has stopped snowing and the roads are safe enough to leave. Think about how your reflexes are weakened when you stay up too long. Now imagine you are driving a dumptruck, down an icy mountain, in pitch black with a huge snow plow on the front.......after you have been awake for hours on end. It's really not a good mix!

Enjoy your night!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Guess who is finally getting to move into their new house???????????????? Cassie and Josh! None of us knew that way back in September when they signed the first papers for this house, that they still wouldn't be moved in. Yes, I realize it's a process and I realize that it takes time and patience, but 5 months is a bit extreme.

They really shouldn't have had any issues. Their loan was pre-approved and the house is brand new. So we knew that the home inspection was going to be a breeze, we just didn't count on the approval taking so long to come through. My guess is it was sitting on someone's desk waiting to be picked up. Oh well the good news is they are finally getting to move week.....we hope.

Ok so pray with me folks that they actually do get to move in. Mom and Dad bought them a huge mailbox, curio cabinet, and kitchen stove for Christmas. All of those items are here at our house. In the way I might add!

I promise to post pics as soon as we start the move. At the last home and garden show I went to the big thing was having a coffee table album of pictures. These pictures were suppose to be from ground breaking until move in. I told Cassie that since they didn't build this house we would still take pics of the move in. She can put those in an album instead.

I am throwing them a small drop in household shower as soon as they are settled. Sort of a come and see our house, but don't stay long thing!! Ha Ha I am only kidding! It's just that we have such a large family, and if they all came at the same time they wouldn't all fit in her house. So any ideas of how I can say that nicely on the invite?

Welp it's 2 a.m. so I am off to bed. Send me those invite ideas!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Who wants one?

It's not breaking news that I am all about supporting our soldiers. I have lots and lots of friends whom I have met through blogging that have deployed soldiers. Most of them are moms who are always looking for new and creative care packages, and ways to welcome their soldier home.

Check out this tee! A girl from my town makes some of the most creative items for kids of all ages. This is one of her latest creations. How cute is this? So since I only talk to some of ya'll through the blog world I thought I would post about it.

So if you are interested in ordering something here is the link....


Friday, January 1, 2010

Beanies for Baghdad

Who doesn't remember beanie babies? I probably had about a thousand at one time. Too bad I don't know what in the world happened to them. I would love to send them to this cause. I thought that just because all of mine are gone, I would see if any of my wonderful blog friends would want to donate some of theirs.

If you are interested please email info@beaniesforbaghdad for an updated address.

Check out for more info