Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Guess who is finally getting to move into their new house???????????????? Cassie and Josh! None of us knew that way back in September when they signed the first papers for this house, that they still wouldn't be moved in. Yes, I realize it's a process and I realize that it takes time and patience, but 5 months is a bit extreme.

They really shouldn't have had any issues. Their loan was pre-approved and the house is brand new. So we knew that the home inspection was going to be a breeze, we just didn't count on the approval taking so long to come through. My guess is it was sitting on someone's desk waiting to be picked up. Oh well the good news is they are finally getting to move week.....we hope.

Ok so pray with me folks that they actually do get to move in. Mom and Dad bought them a huge mailbox, curio cabinet, and kitchen stove for Christmas. All of those items are here at our house. In the way I might add!

I promise to post pics as soon as we start the move. At the last home and garden show I went to the big thing was having a coffee table album of pictures. These pictures were suppose to be from ground breaking until move in. I told Cassie that since they didn't build this house we would still take pics of the move in. She can put those in an album instead.

I am throwing them a small drop in household shower as soon as they are settled. Sort of a come and see our house, but don't stay long thing!! Ha Ha I am only kidding! It's just that we have such a large family, and if they all came at the same time they wouldn't all fit in her house. So any ideas of how I can say that nicely on the invite?

Welp it's 2 a.m. so I am off to bed. Send me those invite ideas!