Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lame Kiffin

Yep you read right! I meant to type Lame instead of Lane! Why you ask? Well while I was watching my most favorite show ever (NCIS) it was rudely interrupted with the breaking news that Lane Kiffin has resigned as the head coach of our beloved vols.

Believe me the Vol Nation is not happy tonight. Facebook is going crazy with people joining all kinds of groups, saying not so nice things, and even circulating his actual home address around.

Being a sports guru is not a character trait of mine. I can't say that I jumped on the "lane train" at any point in the 14 months that he has been here, but I did think he was going to do great things for us. Guess not!

So I am missing an episode of Little Miss Perfect to watch a press conference. Why? I don't really know. Just nosy I guess. He isn't allowing cameras to be present in press conference. Ummmmm what? Is that allowed? Can he really just drop this bomb on our program and then continue to control everything?


kimert said...

As a fellow Vols fan and the wife to a former UT National Vol football player, I too can say "get the LAME train the heck out of Knoxville!!!!"
What a jerk! I'm hoping this brings bigger and better things to UT football.

gCe said...

I am a student at UT and I just found your blog and words cannot describe how angry I was at him. Now I think it was for the best!