Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Snow go away come again......never!

It's snowing........and I hate it! I can't understand people who actually wish for snow. Why on earth do these people want to be stuck at home without electricity! Ok ok I know I know not everyone gets stuck and not everyone looses power......but here in the valley things are a little different.

Backroads up the valley are the last ones to be cleaned, and we are normally the last ones to have our power turned back on. Even though my dad works for the state and cleans the roads during snows, he can't clean ours. Apparently it would be a crime for a state worker to clean a county road. Go figure!

So I am home. Bored. Having the world wide web at my fingertips isn't enough to hold my attention tonight. Actually my bed is calling my name. I went ahead and showered just in case we don't have power or water tomorrow. I can't stand the thoughts of not taking a bath everyday. So today I took two. LOL I couldn't be a contestant on Survivor. No cell phone, laptop, tv, ipod, DAILY SHOWER........nope couldn't do it!

Please keep my dad in your prayers tonight! He has been out since 6 a.m. this morning and probably won't be able to come home until regular quitting time tomorrow which is 4:30 p.m. And that's only if it has stopped snowing and the roads are safe enough to leave. Think about how your reflexes are weakened when you stay up too long. Now imagine you are driving a dumptruck, down an icy mountain, in pitch black with a huge snow plow on the front.......after you have been awake for hours on end. It's really not a good mix!

Enjoy your night!


Alison Hodges said...

I hate snow, too! Not too mention the frigid weather we've been having in and around Memphis. How do folks in the North handle this?