Thursday, October 28, 2010

June 2011

I am thrilled to announce that sometime in June 2011, I am going to be an aunt! My sweet sister called me this morning to tell me that she is 5 weeks pregnant with her first baby! To say our family is over the moon with excitment would be an understatement! Cassie and Josh are going to be great parents and I can't wait to see my parents as grandparents.
Even though she has 30 + weeks to go I have already started looking at baby shower invites and decor. Perhaps I am getting a "bit" ahead of myself, but I am just thrilled! I adore babies, especially the ones I can play with for a few hours and then give back! Hahahaha!
Her first ultrasound is November 9th. I don't know how long she will have to wait to find out the gender, but as long as its healthy we will be overjoyed with a girl or a boy......or one of each!
Okay I am off to look at more invites, decor, strollers, car seats, bedding, clothes.........geez you would think I am the one having a baby! Hahahaha!

Blog Stalker!

I feel like such a blog stalker today! BUT......Kelly at is finding out today if baby "H" is a boy or a girl, and I am super excited! Not just for Kelly and Scott, but for sweet miss Harper too! If you follow Kelly then you already know what she has been through with infertility and then almost losing Harper. If you don't follow Kelly then you should! I read lots of blogs daily (normally my end of the day wind down), but Kelly's blog is always first on my list.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tailgate Time in Tennessee

Alabama may have beat us Saturday, but we had an amazing tailgate!
We tailgate at the best chicken place on the strip, that just so happens to have the best sweet tea too! I dressed for a blizzard, but I thought it was suppose to be cold. It wasn't and I nearly melted during the tailgate. Half way through the game I was glad I had my leggings, long sleeves and jacket, and in the end I needed much more! Next game I will be packing at least two fleece blankets! Maybe even a snuggie!!!!!!!

This is our latest "family" picture.
We were being optimistic!

The Girls

Love these girls!