Saturday, August 1, 2009

Facebook Friends

Is anyone else amazed by who has Facebook, young and old? Amazed maybe isn't the best word to describe it. Shocked is a better word. Each time I log in I have a new friend request from someone that I doubted knowing how to use a computer, much less facebook. Don't get me wrong I am thrilled for these people to be in the "new age" and I love getting their friend requests. It's just so odd to see them online.
Are ya'll as absolutely obsessed with FB as I am? How sad am I? Ha Ha!!! If I am not blogging, myspacing it, or texting then of course I am facebooking it!!! Don't start thinking badly of me folks!!! I do leave my house!!!!! Actually in the next few days I have two big posts to do. When I say big I mean they have lots of pictures. These pictures will prove that I have a life outside of my laptop.
Anyway the idea of this post was to find everyone on FB. So in a comment or e-mail leave me your name so I can "friend request" you!!!! If you are looking for me its Tiffany Crutchfield. I look forward to not only being blog friends, but facebook friends too!!!!!


Kimberly said...

oh dear, there are 8 of you, so you'll have to look for me! kimberly metcalf in san antonio :) i'm addicted too.