Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Return of the giveaways

So many of you have asked when I am planning another giveaway. Good news! I have a few in the works right now. Hopefully I will have one to post tomorrow or Friday at the latest. So stay tuned!!!! I am really excited about these!

Also a couple of you have asked if I would consider featuring one of your items as a giveaway. Yes, I would love to help you gain exposure. For those of you who are interested just send me a picture of the item and a short description. You can also include a short description about you and how you got started making these items. This is optional. Please remember that as the seller you are responsible for paying shipping costs of your item to the winner. Once the winner is drawn I will contact them, then it is their responsibility to contact you with their shipping address.

I look forward to seeing all the creations ya'll have.


Your Reflections said...

I'm in! I will be emailing you all the info tonight!!

doodledots said...

I would love to give you a Halloween necklace for giveaway! I am not computer friendly so you can see them on my blog. Let me know how to go about it. thanks! kim