Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mountain Heritage

Kristy and Cody are searching for wedding venues. With the sizes of their families a church wedding is out. So outdoor locations are in!!! If you aren't familiar with east Tennessee then you have probably never heard of Stinking Creek. Laugh at the name all you like, but its a beautiful place. B is actually from there.
Anyway on "the creek" as we call it, is a place called Mountain Heritage. If I am not mistaken it was used for festivals at one time. Now it looks deserted and almost haunted. Oh Kristy I didn't mean that!!!!! Yesterday afternoon she and I went up to look around.
Its about 15 minutes from I-75 so not that much of a drive. I think it took us about 45 minutes from her house. When we pulled up we noticed that the gates were locked and a for sale sign was up. OH NO!!!!!
Someone had already told me to use the driveway next door and it would meet up with MH's road. The house next door didn't look like it housed ANY friendly folks so I wasn't too sure. We backed out and went HALFWAY up the creepy driveway and stopped. We were both half expecting someone to come running with a shotgun!!!! What's the worst part about the creek? NO CELL SERVICE!!!!
I quickly reversed out of the driveway and went up the road, praying all the way for just one single bar of service!!!! Thankfully, about 5 minutes later I had enough to call B. He kept saying just go up the driveway its fine!!!!! He said that the old couple who live there are really nice. In all honesty I totally didn't believe that the driveway connected and really wanted to prove him we turned around and tried again. I had full intentions on proving to B that the roads didn't connect and he had zero idea about the whole thing!!!!!
Guess what.....he did know what he was talking about. The driveway did connect and the little old man was as sweet as sugar! He told us how to get up there since the actual road was washed out.

Here is the view as you leave.

This is where we would eat.

Look at the sweet little general store!!!

The Outhouses!

Bride-to-be checking things out

Pretty as a picture

The stage behind where the preacher will be standing.

Honeymoon Cabin

Bride's Side

Groom's side

Ready to walk down the asile.....well after they mow of course!
This is the stadium that they can get married in.

Yes I was driving!!!!

The view walking up


Can we shimmy through?

Still driving and looking a little drunk. I was on meds!!!


Chantena said...

Thats super cute ......the stands are soo neat, and she wouldnt have to worry about renting chairs lol!

Kristy-Mo said...

So much for