Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday

It's that time again and today I am thankful that this woman didn't make it to the White House. 
A little out of the blue? Not really. I have DirecTV and if you have it too then you know when you move they give you incentives. I chose the HBO/Starz package and with that came HBO's movie Game Change. Now let me take a break here and say that I am a bleeding heart liberal Democrat. Doesn't mean that I hate all Republicans or that I support everything that a Democrat says. That being said here is what I want you to know about Game Change. It's a movie. Yes it has facts, but I am sure its dramatized to keep the viewer attention. Do I think this is exactly what the election was like for Sarah Palin? No. I think it was close and even Nicolle Wallace (Sarah's former handler and speech writer also former director of communications at the White House in the Bush administration) said that it was real enough to make her squirm.  Like any other movie based on a true story its not the complete truth. This movie (whether meant to or not) actually made me feel some sympathy for her.

I've watched this movie twice in the month and a half that its been on my DVR and the more I watch the more thankful I become that she isn't sitting in the V.P. chair. I'm troubled by the fact that she wasn't vetted properly, that she didn't know why North Korea and South Korea were different countries, thought Africa was a country and not a continent, couldn't explain what the FED is or what they do, etc.......the list really does go on. This wasn't my original TT post that I had planned for today, but........

I saw this picture on Pinterest.....

Reality....check. Sarah Palin v Hilary Clinton

....and immediately thought Thank God we dodged that bullet!