Thursday, July 26, 2012

One Minute

Y'all know I LOVE my DVR. With all that goes on in my normal day remembering what day and time a show is on isn't a priority. So to whomever invented the DVR I say THANK YOU!!!! Anyway the other great thing about this lovely contraption is that I can keep shows for as long as I want. I take advantage of that option often especially late at night when sleep eludes me!  

ABC really had my attention last winter. Once Upon A Time, GCB AND Scandal were my favorites. GCB didn't get a second season but OUAT and Scandal did! So in honor of that I wanted to share my most favorite scene from Scandal. If you aren't familiar with Scandal let me give you the background. Olivia (Liv) worked on Gov. Grant's Presidential campaign. Somewhere along the way they fell in love. Now Liv works for herself as a "fixer" in D.C. and Gov. Grant (Fitz) is now President Grant. Liv and Fitz have a "one minute" thing that they do and I love it! Come on second season!