Sunday, February 22, 2009


Check out this little jem. Tim's cousin Jason and his wife Stacy are expecting their first baby in March. They are having a sweet baby girl named Shalynn. I wanted to get her some monogrammed things. Last week I discovered another gem. Becky Cox is a local teacher and monogrammer. She made this necklace for Stacy in one day. Not kidding! I e-mailed her to let her know I wanted one and she made it, gift wrapped it and delivered it to me at work! Check out her site!

It came in this cute little box.

How precious is this?
After Shalynn is born Stacy can take the necklace back to becky and have her birthdate put on it.

This is the cute little bag it came in.
Becky is so creative!
I can't wait to order more!


cyoung said...

Don't you just love her stuff?

Danielle said...

aww i love it! i want one, its so pretty