Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Missing Tim

Tim left for murfeesboro on a work trip Sunday. Even though I know he is coming back, and he is only going to be gone a week, it was still hard to say bye to him.

I have tried to keep myself busy and so far I have been successful. I even went to the gym last night. I know shocking right? I didn't do anything too crazy, just walked on the tredmill. Surprisingly after leaving I felt very relaxed. My legs were almost like jello and I had a hard time walking, but I was relaxed none the less.

Besides the gym experience I have a couple of appointments this week and some surprises to get ready for Tim! I love surprises and to surprise other people. Tim on the other hand really doesn't like them. He thinks I go to too much trouble. It's really no trouble because again I love surprises!
Oh well!
Help me pray for Tim. Pray that he passes his test! Pray that he has a safe trip home.! Pray that he doesn't get too mad when gets a look at the changes I made in the apartment this week!


Anonymous said...

uh oh what did you do tiff