Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Soaking up the sun

I love love love Upscale Tans. I love going to the tanning bed. It's my 15 minutes of me time. Tanning is relaxing especially this time of year. Upscale Tans has all new bulbs and the beds looked new too. It was super clean and organized. They are open from 10 am- 10 pm.

The prices are really reasonable! I bought the $35 unlimited monthy package. At the last place I tanned it was $35 for 200 minutes. I would rather do unlimited than minutes. My problem is I say I am going to lay for 15 minutes, but in the sweltering summer heat I barely stay 5 minutes. I end up wasting minutes big time!

I have known Tausha for years and am glad she has this new biz. They are going to set up a booth at the prom show and will be selling packages. Come check them out.