Thursday, February 12, 2009

Relay for Life Cutest Kid Contest

First Volunteer Bank has decided to do a cutest kid contest for Relay for Life.
The actual crowning will be on the night of Relay (May 1st) at CCHS.
Children (boys & girls) ages birth to 10 years old can compete.

You can start fundraising now, and continue to raise that night.
Money will be counted one hour before crowning begins. All money will go to Relay.
The child who raises the most in each age group will be crowned cutest kid.

The age groups are:
Birth to 2 years
3 years- 5 years
6 years - 8 years
9 years - 10 years
Each group winner will recieve a crown, a sash and their picture in the LaFollette Press.
Got a child you want to enter?
Let me know.
Remember this isn't just for girls!
Invite your friends and family to come see your little one strut their stuff on the relay stage.
No entry fee will be required.
Have questions?
Call me!