Thursday, February 19, 2009

Melissa VS Molly

I am not psychic or anything, but I did tell Tim after the first episode of this season's bachelor that I wanted Melissa or Jillian. He actually picked Melissa and Molly so now he thinks he is great or something!!! Ha Ha.

Anyway I missed this week's episode and somehow the TIVO let me down so now I don't know what happened. I know I know what a terrible life right?

Lets just say that I am glad Melissa and Molly are the final two. I am more than sure that he will pick Melissa!!!!!!!! Molly is too timid and safe. Jason and Melissa will make a much better couple!


Jessiecue said...

I wanted Melissa and Jillian as well.. I am still unsure as to why he picked Molly I just knew it was going to be Jillian and then it blew me away. Since the tv let you down and all you can actually watch the episode online at the website you know.