Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rummage Sales

Even though its still chilly and snowy outside I am going to throw this idea out there. Last year we had a huge rummage sale in front of the Jacksboro branch for Relay for Life. It was bitter cold that day, but the turn out was good and we made about $600. This year several teams are going to get together at one place and do an even bigger sale. So be looking for the flyers advertising where and when.

If you would like to set up with us let me know. You don't have to have a Relay team we just ask that you give your profits to Relay.

We are always looking for new and fun fundraising ideas. Someone told us that they rent out parking spaces at Powell-Clinch in Lake City. People pay $5 per space. We were thinking about doing that here one Saturday after we close. The money from the parking spaces would go to Relay and whatever the seller sells they keep. I think its a win win situation.

If you are interested let me know.