Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hannah & Lily

I love how interested you folks are with the girls. Too bad I don't have any new pictures to post. I will work on that in the next few days. You had lots of questions about them so here ya go:

1. The "real" mama

Hannah and Lily's real mama is like my big sister. Cassie and I have been close to her since day 1. She isn't a deadbeat mama who just leaves her kids with anyone. We ask for them, because we love them!!!!

2. So they live with you?

Well Hannah is about to be 9 so she is all about her friends. I don't think she has spent the night in months. Lily on the other hand would live with us constantly if her mama would let her, but you be the my house she gets chocolate milk in bed, sleeps until whenever, gets to do whatever and pretty much runs the house. Wouldn't you want to live with us too????? My parents are like grandparents to the girls. When H & L are at my house they can do NO wrong. Seriously once Lily put stickers on our washing machine. I quickly pointed it out to mama and she said NOTHING!!! A smile was the only response she gave me. If I had done that (at any age) my mother would have surely punished me!!! The girls keep my parents young! Daddy gets in the floor and plays with them just like he did with me and Cassie years ago.

Lily pretty much house hops. Ha Ha! I am more than sure that she just wakes up in the mornings and says to herself........Wonder where I want to stay tonight?????? I love it!!!

3. How long have you had them?

Hannah was 6 months old the first time I kept her. Then a few months later her parents went out of town for a night and I kept her at my house. I remember walking in the door with parents were so in love. I guess you could say that she just never left. Lily was born two years later and it was the same with her. She just melted our hearts.

4. So aren't your parents starting over?

Kinda I guess they are. I think because the girls are about the same difference in age as Cassie and I, and they fight and fuss like we did, that they are raising us all over again. Now if you were to ask my parents they would say that they love every minute of it and would more than raise the girls if they needed too. If it weren't for that pesky "real" mama of theirs. Ha Ha Just kidding Mandy!!!!! The best way to describe it.......Grandparents, and who doesn't want an extra set of grandparents????????? Especially the ones that let you eat and drink in bed, and that wait on you hand and foot.

5. Jealous?

Never!!!! I love them like they are my real sisters! Seeing my parents with the girls is awesome. They keep them young, and anything that keeps my parents young I am all for. It's so fun to see them doing the same things with the girls that they use to do with us. It's actually a great thing when the girls are at my parents don't really notice that I am not around. Ha Ha!!! Usually I get a call around bedtime. They only realize I am missing when the girls lay down. Ahhhh I love it!!!

6. How did you meet them?

Hannah's grandmother was one of my teachers. She asked me to come to her house and keep Hannah one Saturday morning. I did and fell in love. The rest is history.

7. How old are your little sisters?

6 & 8

8. Will they be jealous when your sis and her hubby have a baby?

Oh I don't think so. Both girls are so loving and helpful, I think they will be fine. Lets hope that we don't have to find out anytime soon though!!!!!

9. I am in love with names. What are their middle names?

Hannah Elizabeth

Lily Renee'

10. Do you think they will always be a part of your life?

Oh Lord I really really hope so!!!!!! I don't know what any of us would do without them. At one time they were looking at moving for their daddy's job. Our family was devastated. Thankfully, they didn't move, and I really hope they never do. Pretty sure my parents would follow them!!!!!