Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

I have always heard people say not to wish your life away, but today I just can't help it. I am really really ready for the weekend to start. In all honesty I should probably be wishing that I had a few more days. My suitcase isn't near being packed, and my bedroom looks like a cyclone has swept through. The clothes that I washed last night didn't make it to the dryer since I was well napping, so now they are soured and need to be re-washed. My mother says that I think water is free. In my defense it was free for us up until about 3 years ago. We used to have a well.
This weekend's plan has changed slightly from the original. Instead of heading to Chattanooga tomorrow night I will be heading white water rafting. Can ya'll believe I am doing an outdoor thing? Yeah me neither!!!!! Some of my friends are going and they invited B and I to join them. Pretty sure I never imagined myself riding through white water rapids in ice cold water, but I am trying it. If you know me, then you know that I HATE to be cold. I am guessing that since the water is coming straight off of a mountain it may be a tad bit chilly. Oh the horror!!!!
Rafting will be right up B's alley. He is pretty excited, me not so much. Oh and I don't exactly want to be looking like a drowned rat. There is a bright side to all of cameras allowed. Cameras can't hold up to the water, and apparently EVERYONE in the raft MUST paddle, so no one will be snapping away!! Did I mention that all of my friends who are going and B have been rafting before? I just love being the newbie!
So while I thought that I would be enjoying a nice relaxing weekend, I will instead be experiencing the thrill of rafting. Can you sense the excitement in my tone?


Kristy-Mo said...

Dude...your gonna love white water rafting.. and then, you get to see me later that night. We are going to Dollywood and then meeting up wiith you all. can't wait!