Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 5....still alive

Is love really suppose to be this hard? Loving Tim isn't the hard part. Being away from him is. Thank God for good friends (that includes blog friends) and family. My faith is coming back. Slowly but surely I am feeling better. Each day gets a little easier, but still some sad moments. This is day 5 and even though it's super hard....... I am still alive!!!!!!
On to good news. Maybe I should say great news? Kristy and Cody are engaged!!!!!! Her ring is drop dead gorgeous!!! I don't mind saying publicly that I am totally jealous!!!! She was so excited last night. I really am super happy for them both. Can't wait to start planning another wedding!!!! Pictures of her rock are coming soon!!!
My vacation is so close I can taste it!!!!! Too bad its my last one for the rest of the year! Oh well I am still going to enjoy every last minute of it. My poor daddy is going to be soooo bored. Mama is leaving for Atlanta on Monday, and I am leaving on Saturday. He may really enjoy next week all to himself!!!!!!!
Just on a side note.....did anyone see online that Michael Jackson's family have decided to have a public viewing of his body at Neverland???? Wonder how many days that will go on. Days may turn into weeks if they aren't careful. So how many of you are flocking to CA for this memorial?
Thanks to all who are praying for me and Tim. Keep praying folks I need 'em!!!!


Jessiecue said...

Glad to see your faith is moving back slowly but surely. Just remember that he is walking through everybit of it with you. I am so happy for Kristy.

Jen and Rob said...

Glad to hear you are hanging in there! Keep the faith, it will get you through!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across this blog a while back and I follow quite a few blogs. And this is one of follow. I am so sorry for what you are going thru and you are a inspiration to me as a Christian. I will be praying for you that God will bring you thru this. Hold your head high and remember there are people who love you obviously by the responses to your blog. May God bless you.