Friday, July 17, 2009

I must stop packing!!!!!!

Seriously why am I such an over-packer? I am sitting here blogging because I had to stop myself from packing. Honestly I have 4 shirts, a pair of shorts, a pair of bermuda shorts, a pair of jeans, a swimsuit, pj's, 2 belts (one brown and one black of course) silver flip flops, brown flip flops, black dress, brown jewelry, black jewelry, silver jewelry..........I haven't even gathered my bathroom items or my undies. Did I mention I am only staying one night? Well a girl never knows what she is going to get into. I may need to change a few times. Ha Ha!! B is going to die when he sees all that I am bringing.

When I talked to B earlier he mentioned going to a new eating spot that only locals know about. I think he said something about a lake. That means I will have to wear my hair curly. My hair and humidity really don't jive. Even though I would rather wear it straight, if I have to sit outside any longer than 10 minutes my hair is going to look like a hot frizzy mess!!! That's a no go folks!!!

Shopping at Hamilton Place Mall is all I am thinking about right now. A few minutes ago I looked at the website to see what new stores have been added since my last trip. To my surprise it is more than a few. I noticed that California Nails was listed. Thank nails really need to be filled in. Hopefully, I can find some really nice dress clothes for work.....on the sale rack.....better yet the clearance rack!!!!! I feel like I wear the same clothes every week. Well I do.

Soooooo ummmmmm just so ya'll know it is now 9:38 and I still have a million things to do. These last minute trips are gonna be the death of me. Thank goodness I will have all of next week to plan for that weekend trip. Oh and I think that trip has been modified a bit, but we will have to wait until closer to time to be sure.

As much as I hate to I am off to fold clothes, throw some in the dryer, hang some up, organize my bedroom, gather my other "must haves", put EVERYTHING in my suitcase, charge my camera battery, ohhhhhhhhh and make a list of all the things I need for Kristy's wedding just in case I find some big sales in those Chattanooga bridal shops.

Ya'll pray for me to have a safe trip down and back. Oh and that I can find a nice, clean hotel to rest my head in. Preferably one with a pool!!!! I have not been swimming all summer!!!! I know I know poor me right?

Have a great weekend folks!!!


Jen and Rob said...

Good luck with the hotel! Be safe and have fun!

Flores Hayes said...

a great find for panda fanatic!
my roommate and i LOVE this bag