Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 7.....not exactly in heaven

It's been a week. A long week. A sad week. A boring week. Who knew that my life was so totally consumed with all things Tim. I realized that we spent quite a bit of time together, but not this much.

Thanks to Kristy, Kel and my wonderful family, I have stayed super busy this past week. I think they knew that if I just sat and thought about it all, I would never recover. Despite all their efforts I was still unable to sleep most nights. Actually, it turned out to be a great thing. I have been able to play with my new editing software. Here are some of the images that I practiced on.

This was the guest book table at Cassie and Josh's wedding. We also had pictures of them from over the years. Keep in mind that Cassie and Josh started dating in 6th grade, and they never broke up. Talk about love at first sight!

I am not a big fan of this picture. Something about my chin just looks odd......but I used it since cassie looked so good it in. Awww sisterly love. This was taken at one of her bridal showers.

This is me and Paige at Boomsday last year. It's almost boomsday time again. Boomsday is bittersweet for me, because I know that it means summer has come to an end. On the flip side it usually means football time in Tennessee!

These were the tables at Cassie's wedding. Her caterers did most of the work. By the time her wedding was finished I never wanted to see pink and green again!!!!!

Wasn't she a beautiful bride? Bless her heart.....the sun was brutal that day. She and daddy both were squinting all the way down the asile. Thankfully, a horse and carriage brought them most of the way.

This is Elria and Mama. They have been friends for at least 10 years. Elria and mama share a hair shop and are the best of friends. These gals fuss and fight like sisters, but really do love each other. Elria is my personal hair stylist and I wouldn't have it any other way. No, my mama doesn't do my hair. Why you ask? Because as much as she loves me and as much as I love her, she always does what she wants and not what I ask for. Even if I have a picture. Ha Ha Oh well!!

Someone sent me a nasty e-mail (yes I know another one!) yesterday about my photography. Apparently I am trying to copy Southern Charm Portraits, and steal their business. I just wanted to set the record straight. I didn't ask Santa for a big nice camera so that I could put Southern Charm out of business. Lets get real folks. Go look at their pictures and then look at mine. You can see the difference I asked Santa for a nice camera because I like to take pictures. T Sharee Photography is a fun hobby I started when I got the camera. Daniel and Rebekah are my friends. We work very close with each other on relay for life things and they are super great people. I value their friendship and in no way want to damage it. By the way just a note....when you send an e-mail to someone make sure that you erase your signature from the bottom. Otherwise I know who you are. Furthermore, I know why you did it. All I can say is grow up!!!! Sorry just had to get that out!!!

On that note everyone have a great weekend. I am sure going to try! Oh and by the way as of 5:01 I am officially on VACATION!!!!!!


Jessiecue said...

I personally happen to love the pictures you did of Daria. They were very very good. You were great with her as well. She took right to you like she had known you forever. That doesn't happen with most photographer's and her. If she hadn't liked you she wouldn't have been such a great sport about having her pictures taken and she would have given you alot of fake smiles. That she did not do. I personally know first hand that you don't try to steal anyone's ideas at your shoots you pretty much ask for the client is asking for and you go from there point of view. Thank You Tiff for doing such a great and wonderful job!!!