Monday, July 13, 2009

Vacation wrap-up

Yes, I had a great vacation. It wasn't what I had originally planned, but I still enjoyed my time away from work. It was so nice to not have people asking for their balance, or telling me their life story. Ha Ha. Don't get me wrong. I like my job, it just gets to me sometimes. I am sure you all are the same way.
Taking a break from my blog was nice too. Trying to remember all that I wanted to share with you not so much. I really should have taken notes. LOL
Monday was pretty mellow. Kristy and I had lunch and then she tried on some wedding gowns at a local bridal boutique. For someone who just had a baby not 2 months ago she looked awesome!!!!!! She keeps saying that she wants to lose 20 more pounds by the wedding. I keep telling her that the stress from planning this wedding will help with that.
Tuesday I headed for Alabama. I should have left earlier considering it took me 6 hours to make a 4 hour trip. Ummmmm I swear I didn't get lost. Barry says he can make it in 4 hours. Pretty sure he has some secret shortcut that he forgot to share with me. I made it to bama just in time for dinner. Too bad I was too tired to eat. Let me just say that Alabama didn't impress me. Sorry for all of you who actually do live there. Maybe I missed something, I mean my visit was short, but I saw zero that I would stay for. Lots of corn though.
Wednesday morning I got up bright and early to head home. B had to work, and I had to get back to the big CC for a cookout. There was no way I was going to miss out on one of Paige's famous burgers. Ohhh and they were so yummy!!!!! Poor Pres she had to drink a nasty bottle. Soon though very soon she will be eating big girl food.
Thursday I stayed home all day. Yes it was by choice. I had lots of things to accomplish. I did a few. Ha Ha Hey I was on vacation!!!!!!
Friday all of us gals headed to Hooters for dinner. It was yummy!!!! After that Kel and I made a quick trip to the dock. Most everyone was gone by the time we got out there, well most everyone. Wouldn't you know that Tim would be the first person I would see. He left as soon as he saw me. Hurt? Nope I was glad.
Saturday we headed to David's bridal and then I came home. A nap was all I could think about. So that's exactly what I did. Unfortunately when it came time for bed Saturday night I was less than sleepy. No biggie though. Me and B talked until 4:30 a.m. Yes, I know you are shocked. Me too. I am so not a night owl. Usually about 11 or 12 I am crashing. Thanks to my late afternoon nap, that wasn't the case. Pretty sure I could talk to B for hours. Well I did. He is sooooo funny!!! It's not what he says, but how he says it that makes him funny.
Sunday turned into nap day. I am guessing my 4:30 a.m. bedtime had something to do with it. When I finally got up I spent the rest of the day getting my things together so I could come back to work. We were suppose to go walk last night, but as soon as I pulled into the parking lot the sky opened up. Cloud to ground lightening, hail, fierce wind and solid sheets of rain really aren't the best conditions for walking. So I headed home just in time for Army Wives. Anyone else addicted?
So I am back to work. Can't say that I have missed it. I am thankful and blessed to have such a great job though. Can't wait until my next vacation!!!!!!!!!!


Alexis said...

Surely you have a picture of this mysterious Barry somewhere!!!

Leslie said...

Hey:) Email me and we I can finalize deets on Natalie's tsimple party.

Brandi said...

I live in Alabama your right there is not much here but there are some pretty interesting things. What part did you go to?