Thursday, July 23, 2009

Who is the most beautiful baby in the world....

Well Pres of course!!!!!
This smile melts my heart.

What's the best part of the blog world?????? Seeing all the answered prayers!!!! The proof is in the pictures. I am talking about pictures of all these miracle babies. Since I don't have a baby of my own yet, Pres is kinda like my adoptive daughter. She is just the right kind awhile and then give her back. Ha Ha I don't have to deal with all the sleepless nights. Sorry Kristy!!!!! These pictures aren't the best quality (my camera phone is no match for the Nikon), but when you have a beautiful baby like Pres it doesn't matter. Pres is cute in black and white, color, or blurry and fuzzy.


Kristy-Mo said...

This child rocks! And so do you!! :)