Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Q & A

I probably shouldn't have jumped on the Q & A bandwagon without talking to at least one fellow blogger who had participated. When I opened my e-mail and started reading I was shocked!!!!! The nerve that some people have is amazing to me. If you asked a question and you don't see it answered below there's probably a really good reason. Feel free to take that up with me if you feel the need. Ohhhh and for the last time, if you can't tell me your name, then I won't publish your comment. Here are the top 10 most asked questions. I can't believe how many of you asked the same questions. Ya'll are really on the same page!!!!

1. You have said that living in a small town is fun, but I don't know how you live somewhere without a mall.

Ha Ha. Yes living in a small town is fun. It also has its drawbacks. Rumors run rampant around here. If living in a small town teaches you anything, its don't do ANYTHING that you don't want EVERYONE to know about. When it comes to shopping........just ask B, I do plenty!!! Most everyone here in town goes to Knoxville to shop. Between West Towne, Knoxville Centre and Turkey Creek I am more than indulged with shopping. Oh and I shop online too!!!

2. Since you work at a bank I thought I would ask..........are all banks doomed to crumble?

No!!!! The bank that I work for has very conservative practices. We aren't going through big layoffs and major cutbacks. First Volunteer has always been conservative so we aren't really being affected too much. Now that is not to say that we aren't affected at all, or that we won't face some huge challenges in the near future. I don't think all banks will fall. Our economy will bounce back........it will just take some time. My advice to each and every single one of you...........do your homework. If you bank is going through major layoffs or changing fees, etc.....you may wanna start moving your money!!!!

3. (This one was a popular one) Who are Hannah and Lily and how did your parents adopt them?

Let me start with a clarification. Hannah and Lily aren't really adopted. I just say that because they are pretty much like my adopted sisters. Hannah was 6 months old when I babysat her the first time. Her grandmother was like a second mama to me and her great-grandmother is my adoptive grandmother. Sounds complicated I know, but it really isn't. They are just part of our family, blood or not!!!

4. Democrat or Republican

Democrat..........bleeding heart liberal democrat......enough said

5. Favorite show

Thats a hard one. I really like all the Law and Order series. Reality TV really gets me too! Tori and Dean are pretty great! The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Orange County, Southern Belles of Louisville, Jon & Kate + 8, Little People Big World, Little Couple, and 18 kids and counting.

Army Wives is my favorite non-reality show.

6. You talk about B a lot and you have been spending quite a bit of time with him. Are you two dating?

No we are not dating. I don't think its fair to anyone especially B, to jump into anything right now. B lives in bama so a relationship would be a stretch at this point. Still I am having a blast hanging out with him and don't think a relationship is out of the question. Tim and I have only been broken up for a month though, so no jumping for me just yet.

7. You are such a planner, why?

Ha Ha! Well I really don't know why. A part of me adores organization. A part of me likes to have things to look forward to. A part of me is so forgetful that writing things down really is the only way to stay on track. Believe it or not, I was much worse just a couple of years ago. My planning has toned down a bit, but I am still a bit anal sometimes.

8. Do you ever think you will get married.

Yes. Yes I do. I have faith in the Lord and that he has made my Mr. Right. Being married is something that I really want, but I want it with the right guy. Getting married just to get married isn't the most responsible thing to do.

9. Describe your perfect date.

Oh girls I feel like I am running for Miss America. Ummmm I really like dinner and movie nights. A night in with a good movie and pizza is good too. I am good going out or staying in. As long as the guy makes me laugh I am good with anything.

10. Why did you start blogging?

I really loved scrapbooking, but by the time I got all the supplies out and the pictures I was too worn out to scrapbook. When I discovered blogging it was like a light bulb went off. I remember reading on someone's blog that her husband surprised her with her blog made into a book. It had all her posts complete with pictures from that year. How neat is that? How sweet was that hubby?


Alexis said...

So do Hannah and Lily live with your parents or are they like sister-in-loves? If the situation's touchy, you don't have to answer. I'm not trying to be nosy.


Jessica and Michael said...

Great info!! :) And I'm following you on Twitter now. Jessibella8 :)

mandy said...

OK, how about Lily and Hannah's mama???? Is she just dog meat? She did give birth to them and trusted you with their lives!!! LOL just kidding..you know I love ya!