Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Out with the old and in with the new

Countdown that is. I have lost count on how many days Tim and I have been broken up. Maybe that is a good sign. Maybe that means I am getting over him. Actually the truth is I have a new countdown that is much more important. B and I are in the process of planning a weekend trip. Yes I know I just had a vacation, but I am always up for another one.
The destination will depend on my work schedule. It was suppose to be my Saturday off, but Monica needs someone to work for her. Since she was soooo nice and worked for me last Saturday, I think it is only fitting to return the favor. Being that he lives 5-6 hours away we have decided to meet somewhere in the middle. We are thinking Chattanooga, because its only 2 1/2 hours for us both.
The original plan was to go to Birmingham. B's best friend lives there. I think he does the exact same job as B just in a different part of Alabama. This friend has the cutest baby boy!!! I have only seen pictures on Myspace, and was really looking forward to meeting the little guy. Oh and he is going to be a big brother soon!
Since Birmingham is 2 hours past where B lives and it already takes me 6 hours to get there I really don't think an 8 hour trip would be a good idea on Saturday. Especially since I won't even get out of town until at least 1 p.m. Then I would have to drive back on Sunday. Exhaustion really isn't the best way to start a new week. Oh well best laid plans.
I have been to Chattanooga a million times, but I am not a local. Locals always know the great secrets of where to eat and what to do. Do I have any followers who are also Chatt locals? Or maybe you recently visited and know of something that we absolutely have to do while we are there. Let me know!!! I am going to try my best to talk B into the aquarium. I know I know if you been once, you have been enough. No one really shares my love for aquariums. Not sure why? B really shouldn't have a problem with it, since he is a biologist. Isn't that kinda up his alley?
Alexis asked me to post a picture of B. He may not be ready to make his blog debut just yet. I want to make sure he is 100% okay with it before I introduce him to ya'll.


Brandi said...

We went to Chattanooga a few weeks ago because my husbands cousin just moved there. He took us to lots of amazing places it was so much fun. But I live in Birminhgam and there is lots to do here too.

Jessiecue said...

Well it sounds like B has been hanging around alot lately so he had better be getting ready for his blog debut soon!

Leslie said...

you go girl! Have fun and hope your trip is super enjoyable!