Monday, July 13, 2009

Wedding gowns, Bridesmaids dresses, 3 1/2 months....oh my!

Wedding preparations are in full swing around here. Kristy and Cody have set the date for October 17th, 2009. On Saturday we headed over to David's Bridal so she could try on some dresses. Can you believe that the second one she tried on was the one she loved. When I think about picking out my wedding dress (which I will apparently never get to do) I think about trying on hundreds and hundreds before finding the perfect one. Kristy was just extremely lucky I guess.
Among other things, bridesmaids dresses are a hot topic for us gals. We haven't all had a chance to go look together yet. I am anxious to see what we all choose. Here are some that Kristy likes. Remember to think chocolate brown and lime green (well unless she changes her mind).

This first one is her fav. She doesn't like the jacket, but other than that she loves it.
I like this one. Its different. I am into different.

This one isn't bad either.

Ohhhh this one is my fav. I wish it was a bit shorter though.

I really like this one, except for the lace. I am NOT a lace girl.
There really are too many styles out there to choose. We know that we don't want long, but a side from that??????????????????????????
Clarity should come when we are able to throw a few on.

Sooooooooooo which one would you choose?


Leslie said...

Hey:) Love them all.

I need Natalie's email please for the tastefully simple party so I can email her so she can email all her friends:)

Alexis said...

I like the turquoise one, and it's good if it's long. It will be October!

Jessiecue said...

I really like the second one!!!