Friday, July 17, 2009


T.V. and movies are very important to me. I blame my daddy. Ha Ha! His movie interests have shaped mine. He watches Turner Classic Movies quite a bit. Pretty sure the first time I ever saw Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, I was hooked. Something about Bodega Bay just go me. Just in case you don't have a clue about this classic here is a link to find out more.
Jessica saw this Barbie in Wal-mart and just had to show me. I love it. Seriously folks this Barbie will be on my nightstand very soon!!!!

Chattanooga here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B is meeting some of his friends in Chatt this weekend and he invited me to come along. Well actually I am meeting him there. He is going to a big bluegrass festival, I am going shopping! Anyone ever been to Hamilton Place Mall? It's one of my favorite places to shop other than Opry Mills in Nashville. I would love to discover a Rainforest Cafe in Chattanooga.

Yes I know we are suppose to meet in Chattanooga next weekend, but we are gonna meet this weekend too. Chattanooga is an awesome city and has lots of neat things to do. There are a couple of bridal shops that I am going to look in also. We picked out our bridesmaids dresses Wednesday, but there are a million other things to get. By the way Kristy's maid of honor wears a size 13 shoe. Anyone know where we can find her some great shoes for the wedding?
I am taking my camera and laptop so hopefully I will have high speed internet access in my hotel and I can post easier or least faster.

Wish me luck on finding some awesome deals on some dress clothes for work.


Alison Hodges said...

The Barbie is great - it would be interesting to see some from other Hitchcock classics (North by Northwest, many possibilities. Hitch loved those classic blondes!)

Wendy said... has great selection of shoes. They have various size to choose from. I love that place.