Monday, June 29, 2009

A camping we will go

During rough times like this, I am grateful for awesome friends and family to help me through. My parents have been awesome!! My sweet sister, Cassie, has called and checked on me daily. Kristy has been a huge help too! Oh and we can't forget about miss Preslee!!!
Kristy has joined the bandwagon on the subject of getting me out of the house. She has this crazy idea that I would want to go camping this weekend. Ummmm no thanks. I am not really a sleep under the stars kinda gal. Call me spoiled if you like, but I am more of a Hilton gal. Ya know room service, continental breakfast, indoor pool, indoor plumbing........ You get the idea! Bless her heart she loves me and I know that she really wants me to get out, but c'mon camping?????
My parents took us camping once. Let's emphasise the word once. Pretty sure Cassie and I whined and complained so much on that 3 day trip, that now they won't even think of a family camping trip. Hey I guess it worked!!!!
I need a daily shower. I need indoor plumbing. I need electricity. I need a bed. I need my tv.
How will I brush my teeth? How will I bathe? How will I dry my hair? How will I fall asleep with no TV noise? Okay well I can promise you little sleep will be had. I will be way too afraid of spiders, crickets, bears, coyotes, skunks, get the picture.
I have a friend who says you should wait and see what kind of snake it is, before you freak out. Ummm yeah ok. How about NO! I don't think I will be analyzing a snake to see if its poisonous or if its just going leave a mark.
Still as much as I hate the idea of spending the night on a cold, damp, dirt covered, bug infested, rocky, gross, ...............ground........I guess I will. Yes I said it, and even now as I type it I am changing my mind. Not exactly how I wanted to start my vacation, but oh well.
Ya'll pray for me! I am missing Tim like crazy! Taking it minute by minute is getting harder by the minute. I thought break-ups were suppose to get easier as the days go by. Yes, I realize it has only been 3 days. Still I am ready for my phone to ring. I am ready for it to say TIM CALLING! I hear patience is a virtue. It's more like impossible for me!


Alexis said...

Try to look for the reason why God is allowing this. Look at it like a fast. When you miss Tim, try praying for a friend, or just worship in your prayers. He is the one who will help you through all of this.

Jessiecue said...

I will most definately be praying for you. I hate camping. I love you though and I am glad that they are getting you out of the house.